Patch Notes 04/OCT/18

Changes and Additions:

  • New:  Archaeology changes and additions.
    • Wood types have been added to wooden items.
    • New statues have been discovered.
    • Fix for some moonmetal fragments.
    • Tweaked base difficulty for investigating to be a bit easier overall.
    • You can also now get an extra bonus in areas that are considered valuable according to Archaeology, making fragments a bit easier to gain at higher levels in those locations.
    • New: Archaeology caches have been added
    • Once a report is completed enough, the center tile of that deed can then be found via “Get direction” on the report.
      • Using the “Get direction” function on the center tile of that deed will unearth an archaeology cache.
      • Inside the cache will be an assortment of unidentified fragments including a larger percentage of statue fragments and a relic of the former deed.
      • Amount of fragments is determined by archaeology skill and report ql with a minimum of 10.
      • Once unearthed the report will be consumed.
    • Change: Archaeology journal improvements
      • Journals will now hold a number of reports up to the ql of the journal, with a minimum of 22.
      • Placing a piece of paper or papyrus greater than 30ql inside the journal will automatically turn it into a blank report
      • Reports can also now be moved in and out of journals via drag and drop.
      • Tweaked the chances for location info to be recorded in a report to be a bit lower than previously to balance for caches.
    • Some Archaeology statues with solid bases can now have items placed upon them.
  • New: Shoulder pads are now dyeable.
  • Change: Metallic shoulder pads are now able to spawn from rifts as any metal type at a low chance.
  • Change: The Tin Rune of Jackal now correctly uses the spell version of Refresh and cannot be used while moving.

Bug fixes:

  • Bugfix: Marble statue of Vynora can now be improved.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a few more mission descriptions with items which were too generic.
  • Bugfix: Recipe list now correctly list lunchbox, tin instead of lunchbox, lead.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue with the improper triggering of the Kill a wild sly creature achievement.
  • Bugfix: Potion of butchery imbue now works properly when butchering a corpse.
  • Bugfix: Fixed watcher text when someone unloads a creature from a cage.