Patch Notes 7/SEPT/17

Additions and changes

  • A new rack can be crafted for the storage of empty Bulk Storage Bins.
    • This rack can hold 30 empty bulk storage bins.
  • You now have the ability to build high fences in arched walls.
  • A new storage unit can be crafted which contains 4 bulk storage  bins inside which can be filled.
    • These units will require 50 fine carpentry to build.
  • Planting catseyes off deed becomes faster as your paving skill increases.
  • Blessed lamps on highways will no longer decay.
  • We have disabled giving out the Key to the Heavens until the full Epic/Valrei update is complete.
  • Enchant decay on tools when using them has been changed to a more linear system.
    • Previously, every five seconds of an action had a chance to reduce the enchant by 1.
    • With the new system the chance will only occur once per action, and be based on the length of the timer.

Bug Fixes

  • Bugfix:  Fix for error being thrown when attempting to level a ceiling if the floor below it was not level.
  • Bugfix:  Crates in a crate rack on deed with more than 30 days upkeep will not decay.
  • Bugfix:  Small chests can no longer be mailed if locked.
  • Bugfix:  Fixed some spelling and text errors.
  • Bugfix:  Fixed an issue which caused cooking tools to not take damage when used.
  • Bugfix: Warmachines should no longer function between world layers.
  • Bugfix: Mask of Rebirth has been removed from the Missions items list.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue which caused cooking tools to not take damage when used.

4.0.8 Client Changes

  • Dyed object colours will now correctly display with GLSL shaders disabled.
  • Client resolution and fullscreen mode can now be changed again while in-game.
  • Water reflections will no longer appear above the water.
  • Distant trees will now have the correct texture in winter.
  • Another issue causing duplicated players and objects has been addressed.