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A Stew
  • Stew
Skill and improvement

A stew is the second easiest dish to cook, and most new cooks should start with them.

All the recipes below have difficulty 4. For higher difficulty, try adding more food of different types. This may also cause you to create a casserole instead of a stew. Eating stew may cause a decrease in your nutritional level.


  • Simply place the items into a bowl, frying pan or preferably a sauce pan and cook the ingredients until glowing hot. There are less combinations of ingredients which will produce stew in a bowl or a frying pan.
  • If using a pottery bowl, the only 2 combinations in the list above that will make stew in this vessel are Meat/fish, or filet and any 2 different herbs. The other combinations listed will make a casserole if using a pottery bowl.
  • If using a frypan, any combination of meat + vegetable (corn, potato, onion etc) will produce a meal. To get a stew you must use grains, fruits, herbs or cheese only with the meat.


  • Two meats will report as creating a difficulty 4 stew, however they will become two cooked meats before they can cook into a stew. Two of the same food item will not make a stew, so the recipe does not work.