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Main / Skills / Smithing


Smithing is everything related to the creation of metal items, usually created using metal lumps on a small anvil or large anvil.

Metal lumps and items need to be glowing hot to be smithed. You can do this in any fire, but the forge is most effective.

The quality of the item you create will be no more than 0.2 x skill (skill is the one associated with the item you are creating). For example: If you have 35.21 skill in jewelry making, the best you can get will be an item of quality 7.04


The following tools are needed for improving and finishing smithing items:



There are no items created directly by the smithing skill.

See smithing items for a complete list of smithing items.


  • Smith at 50 skill
  • Tinker at 70 skill
  • Master Smith at 90 skill


Smithing Guide