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Pottery bowl

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Pottery bowl
A Pottery bowl

Heating clay bowl

  • Pottery bowl (0.50 kg)
Skill and improvement


A clay bowl hardened by fire.

Pottery bowl is the finished product of a clay bowl that has been heated up in a fire. It can be used as a small portable container for items, for instance to help keep food from taking too much damage over time, or for cooking stews and casseroles.
The Pottery bowl cannot be used to store liquid food, for this you are better off using a cauldron, water skin, barrel of any kind, jar or a flask.


  • Put the clay bowl in a campfire, stone oven or forge (hottest)
  • Wait until the grey clay bowl turns into a reddish pottery bowl. It can take quite a few minutes.


  • Pottery bowl 0.50 kg.

A hardened pottery bowl can no longer be improved, nor repaired.

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