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Main / Terrain / Bushes / Oleander

An Oleander bush.


This is a large bush with pink flowers. Oleander can be harvested from this bush with a sickle during the week 3 of the starfall of the Leaf. Oleander bushes are notorious for spreading incredibly fast, hindering the growth of other plants by occupying potential space.

Prior to season message on examine:

The bush has started to smell rather badly.

When ready to harvest, the bush will show such by examining it:

The bush has a number of strongly smelling leaves.


Helpful tools

  • Great season calculator: Great calculator that shows time left till certain season in Wurm time and RL time.
  • You can use this link to find out how many Wurm days are left until the harvesting seasons. (by Toni)
  • To find out how long until a certain day in Wurm from the current day, use this link. (by Toni)


It is rumoured you might be able to use them to create a poison in the future.