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MR Home by Kinoss

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This is a map of the Mol-Rehan home server. I have mapped some clay tiles that are sub-marine for any people looking for clay. Font used: WST_Czec. Feel free to erase the text when you are mapping and send me the new file and I'll add the text.

If you want a smaller version of this map click the following link media:MR-H by Kinoss (Small).png

MR-H by Kinoss.png

This Update:

Added "Sealand" and "The Sepulchre" Fixed typo in "Retirement for the Old and Insane" Added new map for "Turtleback Island"

Last updates:

Coastlines are all done. Let me know of any deeds that need adding or removing.

Almost finished! WOO! I wont be updating this for about a week because I'm going on vacation.

More interior coastline in the south and started mapping the west coast.

Added more of the southern coast, and started adding graphical mountains.

Finished eastern coastline, and started the southern coastline. I am missing islands south east of my current location. I also added a smaller version of the map.