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Large barrel

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Large barrel
A Large barrel
Total materials
  • Large barrel
Skill and improvement
Main / Skills / Carpentry / Fine carpentry / Large barrel

A large wooden barrel, strengthened by iron ribbons.

Large barrels are used to store items or liquids in, they can be loaded, taken and planted.



  • It has a liquid capacity of 250kg.
  • Slows the decay of the items in them.
  • It is the QL of the iron ribbon that determines the success rate.
  • If you fail creating, the ribbon and plank used are both damaged.
  • The last plank attached determines the wood-type.
  • Use cedar wood for the barrel itself to have reduced decay(doesnt affect the contents)

Vehicle Load Capacity

Vehicle Quantity
Large cart 23?*
Wagon 64?*
Rowing boat 3
Sailing boat 3

* Based on volumes on containers page, requires testing.

See Also


Small Barrels with different woods as labelled and worn / decayed look
Apple: Birch: Cedar: Cherry: Lemon: Maple:
SmallBarel-Apple.png SmallBarel-Birch.png SmallBarel-Cedar.png SmallBarel-Cherry.png SmallBarel-Lemon.png SmallBarel-Maple.png
Oak: Olive: Pine: Willow: Worn: Decayed:
SmallBarel-Oak.png SmallBarel-Olive.png SmallBarel-Pine.png SmallBarel-Willow.png SmallBarel-Worn.png SmallBarel-Decayed.png
Chestnut, walnut, fir, and linden woods use the birch texture.