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Fuel is anything that keeps a fire going and may consist of:

Examine a fire container to check how much fuel is remaining. The following responses indicate roughly how much fuel is still in the fire.

Fires can be fueled by activating the fuel and then selecting Burn on the fire's right click menu. Alternatively, leaving the fuel inside the fire till the fuel decays from fire damage will also fuel the fire.

20kg is the maximum effective amount of fuel (10kg for peat). Burn time is dependent on fuel QL, damage, and weight.

  • "The fire burns steadily and will still burn for a long time." ~5-20kg of fuel
  • "The fire burns with wild flames and still has much unburnt material." ~3-5kg of fuel
  • "The fire is starting to fade." ~1-3kg of fuel
  • "A few flames still dance on the fire but soon they too will die."
  • "A layer of ashes is starting to form on the glowing coals."
  • "A few red glowing coals can be found under a bed of ashes."
  • "The fire is not lit."

It is recommended to add more fuel until "the fire burns steadily".