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A white egg from a bird.

A small egg laid by a hen which can be eaten raw or used in cooking or let hatch into a chicken.


If eggs are left outside on the ground or in a container, they will decay. When they have fully decayed, a chicken may hatch.

Experiments (Gold 2 map - Nov 07 on the Jenn-Kellon Home server) suggest only 10% of eggs will hatch into chicks, though this percentage likely varies based on creature populations. Having only one egg per tile may increase chances.

Eggs also contain the unusual nondestructive ability to be "sucked", as right-clicking on an egg gives the option to Suck Egg. It will give you a weird feeling. This option is only available if you have no item active.


  • Eggs weigh 0.10 and are always quality 99, although the damage increases with time.
  • Renaming the egg sets the name for the hatched chick. However it does not keep the name when it becomes a Hen or Rooster
  • The hatched chick will appear below you on the ground floor if you are on a higher floor at the time of hatching.
  • Eggs must be placed (dropped on the ground)