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Main / Skills / Cooking / Baking / Dough

A Dough
  • 1 Dough (1.30 kg)
Skill and improvement


Sticky dough, made from flour and water.


Mix flour with water (1.00 kg per 0.30 kg flour) to make dough.

At 1.00 baking skill, you have a 25% chance to create the dough, which will quickly rise to 50% at a skill level of 2.00. Upon failure, the flour is not consumed nor damaged, but a quantity of 0.13 kg water is consumed.

Heat the dough in a forge, oven or campfire to turn it into bread.


Dough can be added directly to meals to make them larger. It adds 7 to the difficulty of a meal.

Can be stored in the food bin.