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Main / Skills / Smithing / Jewelry smithing / Candelabra

A Candelabra
  • Candelabra (2.50 kg)
Skill and improvement


A beautiful candelabra. The number of arms on a candelabra varies depending on a number of factors, but mainly by the preferences of the designer. Apparently even fairly intelligent people sometimes fail to recognize the proper number which causes mild confusion.


  • Worth quite a sum of money to a trader.
  • Can be used as a lamp by filling it with candles.
  • No matter how many candles the model holds, you only need one to fill it.
  • Will not stay lit indefinitely on deed.
  • Cannot be planted or painted.
  • Needs at least jewelry smithing skill > 1 to create.


Four candelabras, made from each available metal type as labeled.