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Animal fat

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Animal fat
A Animal fat

Obtained through butchering.

  • Animal fat (various kg)
Skill and improvement


Collected from a creature's belly, this can be used to create candles.

A butchered item obtained from butchering animals.



  • Can obtain fat from starving animals.
  • Can not be used as fuel for light sources with fill option.
Creatures that yield fat
Animal Weight (kg)
Bison 4.00
Black wolf 3.00
Bull 4.00
Calf 3.00
Cow 4.00
Deer 4.00
Dog 3.00
Foal 3.00
Hen 1.00
Horse 4.00
Pheasant 1.00
Pig 3.00
Rooster 1.00
Wild boar 3.00

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