Crafting and Economy

Crafting and Economy



The lands of Wurm contains a large variety of raw material that you can gather, from gold and diamonds to tar and reeds. From these materials you can craft everything from weapons, tools, structures, vessels and more! The quality level of the raw material together with your skill level determines the quality level of the item you produce. The same situation applies to constructing structures – skill and quality level determines the quality level of the wall you build.



All the money in Wurm is tied to the real world economy in order to make coins feel truly valuable and to prevent in-game inflation. The game does not generate coins except in rare cases. If you find a coin or receive money in-game, someone has normally purchased it from our website or used some other real world method of obtaining it.


Traders and the pool

There is a pool of money on every server (often referred to as “the king” for historical reasons). Money trickle into the pool constantly from settlement upkeep costs as well as trader sales. Traders on the other hand receive money from the pool when they have a positive sell versus buy ratio. That way a trader is a way into the pool of money but you also have to spend money on it for it to generate money back. You buy a trader contract in order to place them, but you never “own” a trader since the idea is that they should be made available for public access.