WSA: Mailing combined items

Since 1.3 Mailing liquids has been charged at 1c no matter the volume, while this has been going on since then, it’s come to the attention of the dev team and after ongoing discussion and community feedback, we’ll be addressing a few things:

Firstly, liquids will now be charged 1c per 5 kgs, regardless of unit size, a small barrel of any liquid will now cost 10c (1c container 45 / 5 = 9c)

Secondly, this will now apply to all items that can be combined and mailed.

We’re providing warning for this as we know many have enjoyed the discounted mailing, and hopefully this change improves trade of smaller combined items without damaging bulk trade.

-The Wurm team.


Patch Notes 08/DEC/16

Changes and additions:

  • Sealing Changes:
    • Sealable containers can now be sealed while on the ground, not just in inventory.
    • Pegs can now be used to seal small barrels.
    • Wine barrels and small barrels can be sealed with pegs while they are on racks.
    • Using taste on your sealed wine barrels will now give a more detailed indication of how your aging is progressing (via quality).
    • When you break the seal on a container that has been sealed with a wax sealing kit, the kit will be returned to you at a lower quality for reuse until the quality is so low that it is destroyed in the unsealing process.
  • When you read a recipe and add it to your cookbook, there is now a confirmation message in your events window.
  • The minimum damage to shields from blocking an attack has been lowered from 0.1 damage to 0.01.
  • Adjusted the chance of getting wax upwards slightly if the area produces enough nectar.
  • Added the ability to secure plantable items while on the ground.
  • A taste option has been added to food and drink for basic information as well as insight into the temporary affinity.
  • Domestic bee hives will no longer  show bee activity as an on screen popup.  Activity will still show in the event window  until a better method can be implemented.
  • Removed mail limit count down from mailbox GUI.
  • The Shield of the Gone DR bonus has been changed to start taking effect at level 7, with 20% of the total 30% DR, scaling up per level:
    • 6% DR at level 7
    • 12% DR at level 8
    • 18% DR at level 9
    • 24% DR at level 10
    • 30% Dr at level 11
  • The ability to secure items on the ground has been added
    • Securing allows those with appropriate permissions to give the item planted status
    • this has been extended to the following items:
      • Oven
      • Forge
      • Square table
      • Round table
      • Dining table
      • Statue of nymph
      • Statue of demon
      • Statue of dog
      • Statue of troll
      • Statue of boy
      • Statue of girl
      • Archery target
      • Well
      • Polearms rack
      • Weapons rack
      • Bow rack
      • Armour stand
      • Statue of horse
      • Bench
      • Wardrobe
      • Cupboard
      • Kiln
      • Smelter
  • In addition to this, the following items now can be bashed off deed to remove planted status over 70 damage:
    • Large Anvil
    • marble brazier pillar
    • lounge chair
    • royal lounge chaise
    • cupboard
    • blue planter
    • yellow planter
    • greenish-yellow planter
    • orange-red planter
    • purple planter
    • white planter
    • white-dotted planter
    • smelter
    • sword display
    • axe display
  • The following can now be destroyed by the owner:
    • colossus
    • bee hive
    • bow rack
    • armour stand
    • coffer

Bug fixes:

  • Bugfix: Possible fix for mined out and then collapsed rock salt tiles being set back to rock salt after a server restart.
  • Bugfix: Non-premium players should now get temporary affinities from food.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug which caused the crafting window to consume containers used in cooking recipes.
  • Bugfix: Fix for prospecting ceilings above a reinforced floor and getting the floor message as a result.
  • Bugfix: Fix for chocolate coated hazelnuts recipe result.
  • Bugfix: Fix for all foods/produce resulting in 99% nutrition. Food will now give appropriate nutrition based off ql and nutritional value.
  • Bugfix: Can no longer smelt glimmersteel ore.
  • Bugfix: An examine on a still will now correctly show if it is planted and by whom.
  • Bugfix: Adjusted hot food cooking skill gain based on difficulty and number of ingredients.
  • Bugfix: Wild growth will now correctly affect the new crops. Increased the bonus on field yield from Wild Growth based upon the power of the cast.
  • Bugfix: Sealed wine barrels will properly age and ferment while inside wine barrel racks.
  • Bugfix: Right click plant now works correctly with an empty beehive in inventory.
  • Bugfix: Rare results from using a fruit press have been removed because of numerous issues with rare oils and juices.
  • Bugfix: Possible fix for missions not appearing for some gods at times.
  • Bugfix: Possible fix for bees leaving the domestic hive during transport.
  • Bugfix: Possible fix for Gold Rune of Fo and farming yield.
  • Bugfix: Harvest option now appears on right click menu for new crops with nothing activated.
  • Bugfix: Fixed parsing error when trying to set a price on a written recipe.
  • Bugfix: Fixed creation bonuses on runes for your god at lower levels.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue which allowed you to pick and/or plant herbs on deed without proper permissions.
  • Bugfix: Fix for some liquids not combining with same type (ex. milk, cream).
    • This will not fix current liquids that do not combine, but moving parts of the existing liquid to new containers (not moving it all) will allow it to be combined, the old remaining liquid will not be able to be combined. This can be done with a measuring jug until 1g of old liquid remains in the container (as it is the smallest possible amount).
  • Bugfix: Fix for recent tunneling action  which resulted in open voids and death leaps.
  • Bugfix: Corrected a few more spelling and text errors.

WSA: Xanadu restart

Today Xanadu encountered a technical fault that cased it to crash. While we are fairly certain no items or skills were lost, player and creature positions may have rolled back slightly. We apologise for the inconvenience, and will announce any possible compensation when we can ensure that no further losses have occurred.

WSA: Combat issues and hotfix

There is currently an issue which can cause effects such as stun, etc to not wear off. We are aware of the issue and are in the process of implementing a hotfix.

Until this hotfix please refrain from entering combat on both PvP and PvE servers.

A full PvP ban is also in place until this issue is confirmed resolved.
A public list of what directives are in effect can be found here.

PvP ban resolved

Patch Notes 14/04/16

  • Information Minister territory messages have been removed.
  • Branches, Rock Iron and slate/marble shards can now be discarded from inventory.
  • Bugfix – Some reported height problems with creating bridges have been resolved. If you were affected by this bug please log a support ticket for material reimbursement.
  • Bugfix – Many grammar and spelling issues corrected.
    • “After breeding you will start stop leading.” is now “After you finish breeding you will stop leading.”
    • “Rumours of The Unique Name is starting to spread.” is now “Rumours of The Unique Name are starting to spread.”

Patch Notes 07/APR/16

  • Made chance on getting rock when foraging depend on inverse skill. e.g. more likely to get it on low skill.
  • Added flatten and level actions to ceilings.
  • Removed the one-per-tile limitation on FSBs and BSBs.
  • Added strength requirement of 23 in order to cast Break Altar on the White light and Black light huge altars.
  • Change for harvest times so more likely to be in default week.
  • Status Effect icon for Resurrection Stone added.
  • Bugfix – Items dropped when on a bridge should no longer exceed the 100 limit.
  • Bugfix – Kingdom offices can now be set when the current holder is offline.
  • Bugfix – Non-citizens or allies with appropriate permissions now get the faster timers when moving and loading items on a deed on Freedom.
  • Bugfix – Fire vulnerability power now correctly displayed in spell status window.
  • Bugfix – Damage imbues will now dispel properly.
  • Bugfix – Hedges will now show dye values.
  • Bugfix – Multi part items now have a correct chance of rarity when starting with rare components.

Deity change option

  • Due to a permissions bugfix which balanced Nahjo the deity lost the ability to mine and cut down trees. We hardcoded those back for now while we consider options.
  • Allowed sacrificing on empty altars so that the actions can be stacked more easily.
  • Added sorting of players in categories in manage screen (except manually added).
  • When you ‘apply changes’ with someone with ‘manage item’ it will now auto-tick rest of options (except deny all).
  • Removed message (on PvE) about needing 1 guard to enforce permissions.
  • Made it possible to price iron keys.
  • Fix so you cant attack branded animal (unless have permission to do so) (PvE).
  • Fix so you can repair and improve items in your inventory whilst on deeds.
  • Allow moving items from inventory to other containers without checking for pickup permission.
  • Reset bridge id for creatures and items when a bridge part is destroyed.
  • Removed switch skill as an option. (staff <-> spear).
  • Fix for managing animals so deed “Manage allowed objects” works on them.
  • Added a check for PvE so that you cannot Tame/Charm/Dominate a branded animal without the branded deeds permission.
  • Spells lists are now sorted.
  • Animal may ride permission allows leading (and riding) anywhere…
  • Fix for loosing skill when destroying bridges parts.
  • Fix so branded animals (on PvE) cannot be sacrificed.
  • Fix so only certain animals can be given equipment (left option there for others with the hope of saddlebags in the future!)