Client update notes 7/DEC/17

  • Added an anchor option to skill tracker for anchoring bottom left or top left of the locked window when adding or removing skills.
  • Significantly reduced memory usage in situations where other players were in local. (This will include a rather large download of the graphics pack, but reduces the overall size and memory usage of the pack.)
  • Fixed not matching head and body colours.
  • Other general optimizations.

Valrei International. 047

“The sea is not our enemy! It’s those blasted ungainly large rats that chewed through the hull and helped themselves to all of the rum in the hold! They are the true enemy we face.” – Sir Nimoy at the docks

Patch Notes 30/NOV/17

General changes:

  • Wires can now be put into bulk bins.
  • Added explanatory note to Manage Roles for  “May Place NPCs” to indicate that the wagoner portion is citizen only.
  • Lurker in the woods cast pendulums will now show the name of the champion creature located instead of “presence”.
  • Lurker in the woods and Lurker in the deep cast pendulums will now scale according to server size:
    • 2048 tile servers will be power / 100 x 64 = tile radius.
    • 4096 servers will be power / 100 x 128  = tile radius.
    • 8192 servers will be power / 100 x 256 = tile radius.

Mission changes and fixes

  • If Freedom missions are not 33% complete after half the duration they will be set to expire in 12 hours after the check.
  • Lurker in the Dark cast pendulums will now also find mission traitors.
  • Bugfix:  Deep sea creatures spawned for missions should no longer spawn in shallow waters.
  • Bugfix:  Trees for missions should properly spawn in the perimeters of deeds instead of on deed or very far away.
  • Bugfix:  Traitor name and glow indicator should not disappear with server restarts if the mission is still active.


General fixes:

  • Bugfix: Fixed the issue with adding or removing the new brand group permission showed in history as Unknown.  It should now correctly indicate the name ‘Brand Group’.
  • Bugfix: Fixed the ‘That item is already busy’ error when dragging bulk containers after having emptied them.
  • Bugfix:  Combined archaeology armor pieces should now have a material type.

Patch Notes 17/NOV/17

  • 5 hours sleep bonus due to the skill rollback from last update has been awarded to all accounts
  • Player god missions should no longer spawn on Freedom.
  • Instead of being individually added upon branding, creatures will now have a special role for citizens with brand permissions on a deed. This will mean leaving the deed will revoke all permissions on branded creatures.

General Fixes

  • Bugfix: Permission window for bison should now correctly say Can Lead instead of Can Ride.
  • Bugfix: Fixed the issue with slay champion creature missions not advancing.
  • Bugfix: Libila animal sacrifice missions removed from Freedom.

Patch Notes 15/NOV/17

Epic to Freedom skill transfer fixes

Characters which had higher unmodified epic skills but lower after modification should now have their correct freedom values.

Mission fixes

  • Unfinished epic structures will no longer generate ritual missions .
  • Text fixes with mission descriptions.
  • Fixed water creatures spawning on land for missions.
  • Difficulty ranges for missions have been adjusted.
  • Rewards for missions have been adjusted upwards.

Archaeology Fixes

  • Changed inhabited and abandoned deed time frames on investigations into show ingame times.
  • Tool enchants will now work correctly with investigate and identify.
  • Corrected weights of large and small amphorae when completed from fragments.
  • All fragments will now form a pile.
  • Damaged fragments can no longer be repaired .
  • Decay rate of fragments has been reduced.
  • Removed double Identify option in inventory.

General fixes:

  • Bugfix: New members joining a PMK from the portal should properly show on the member list.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a text issue when prospecting a rock salt wall.
  • Bugfix: Mark of the traitor should not show in examine message for creatures not involved in a traitor mission.
  • Bugfix: Bulk move actions now keep track of number of items to move when queued.

Patch Notes 12/11/17

Epic to Freedom Skill Transfers

A one time transfer for all Epic accounts skills as of the 2nd of November to Freedom will be performed during this update.
We will be applying a calculation to remove the 2x skillgain and reduce Epic skills to an estimated Freedom equivilent. Freedom skills will then have their highest value set to equal to the original Epic skill and give a 3x multiplier until that is reached on Freedom.


  • Characteristics and Meditation skills will cross at a 1:1 ratio.
  • Faith, Favour, and Alignment will not cross at all.

For more information on the process behind the transfers, please read:

Additionally, all premium accounts affected by this transfer will have their premium extended by 10 days to account for the delay in processing this transfer.

General changes

  • Added “May plant” permission to village roles.
  • Placing a wagoner container now requires May plant” permission.
  • Placing a wagoner will now require “May place merchants” permission.

Bug Fixes:

  • Bugfix: Various text fixes.
  • Bugfix: Rounded stone bridge icons now have correct images.
  • Bugfix: The chocolate milk recipe should no longer be shown as a sub recipe when cow milk is required.
  • Bugfix: Building over planted items underground should give you the take option as it does above ground.
  • Bugfix: Action bar will now correctly identify what you are gathering (kelp, reed or grass) based on the tile type.
  • Bugfix: Fixed error message when viewing history of branded animals via right click permissions.
  • Bugfix: Pulp and paper now indicate the correct woodtype.

Client fixes:

  • Fixed rain occlusion related crash on some Linux GPU drivers.
  • Rain occlusion is now linked to Detailed Weather option in settings.
  • Addressed an issue where mine doors occassionally appeared flat.
  • General performance improvements.
  • Addressed memory issues with other players in local.

Patch notes 8/NOV/17

General Changes:

  • Added identify option to fragments when outside of inventory.
  • Removed player god favoured messages.
  • Tweaked max difficulty of archaeology actions to scale correctly at higher levels.
  • Changed the speed penalty of all plate helms to be the same.
  • Changed mask fragments to need 10 to combine them instead of 3.
  • Tweaked valrei fight movement code so deities don’t dance around in the same spot and waste their turn.

Mission Changes:

  • Changed how mission rewards are displayed and work.
    • Missions that weren’t giving rewards properly previously should now give them properly again.
    • Rewards overall should be a bit higher now, and display correctly on the mission window for each type of mission.
    • We’ll be monitoring completion rates and feedback on these and tweaking as needed in the coming weeks.
  • Tweaked chances for certain types of missions to spawn, lowered the chance of build epic structure missions to spawn overall.
  • Changed sacrifice creature missions so that you do not need to be a follower of the god to sacrifice the creature.
    • As long as you are in that god’s domain you will be able to sacrifice the creature, you will just not get any favor for it if you are not a follower of that god.
  • Fixed build epic structure missions so they properly accept newly built structures that are in the correct location.
  • Fixed creature related missions so they cannot spawn with baby creatures (lambs, foals, etc)
  • Fixed enemy missions on home servers so they have a chance to spawn properly at lower difficulty.
  • Fixed player god missions on non-epic servers so they don’t respawn.
  • Fixed valrei fights so that player gods aren’t thrown into random fights.
  • Fixed avatars spawning as the wrong kingdom for missions.

General Fixes:

  • Fixed rideable creatures with lingering traitor marks so they don’t resize to huge.
  • Fixed identifying fragments so it is possible while embarked.
  • Fixed destroying pavement while inside caves.
  • Fixed dragon armour so a metal brush cannot remove the colour from them.
  • Fixed fragments to not be smeltable.
  • Fixed combined fragments appearing with negative enchantments.
  • Fixed items in FSBs transferring to other bulk bins with their data intact.
  • Fixed tamed creatures having a mind of their own and wandering off sometimes.
  • Fixed traders so they will properly stock wagoner contracts.
  • Fixed kingdom influence messages reporting the wrong percentages.
  • Fixed creatures attacking through walls and from a long distance.
  • Fixed fragments to correctly send the imp icon all the time.
  • Fixed an issue with fragment materials.
  • Fixed an issue with using a portal from GV to Xanadu not keeping the starter deed information.
  • Fixed an issue with first time premium payments not syncing correctly with the login server.

Client Changes:

  • Added rain occlusion – rain and snow will no longer appear under roofs. (GLSL and FBO must be enabled in your client for this to properly work)
    • NOTE: This does not mean that paved tiles inside buildings will no longer have the snow texture.
  • New mine doors should only appear where they are placed.

Patch Notes 3/NOV/17

  • Skillgain on epic has been boosted
    • Creation action skillgain has been reduced (excepting skills that only use creation actions).
    • Characteristics gains have been increased.
    • Timer length will now play a part in tick size, instead of every action counting as a 10 second action.
  • Fragments should no longer create ghost items when identified inside containers.
  • Fixed an error causing crashes on mission generation.
  • Fixed an issue with first time premium purchase.
  • Emotes and double click examine should now work with an item activated.
  • Mine doors should now display the correct orientation from inside and animate properly.
    • Creatures should avoid fences properly, and if too near a fence move away.
  • Ten hours sleep bonus has been added to all accounts in compensation for the multiple downtimes.

Hotfix 3/NOV/17

  • Fix for traitor missions causing server crashes
  • Racks for empty bsbs can now have bsbs properly placed inside
  • You can no longer bulk transfer items into the same container, causing them to be lost