Patch Notes 21/AUG/17

Bug Fixes:

  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue with a few deed permissions which surfaced with highway release. Those who reported mining and tree cutting permission issues, please try again.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a few issues with prying/bashing waystones in deeds and perimeters.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug with waystone creation and rarity.
  • Bugfix: You can now plant catseyes inside a building if the house has a fence on a different floor.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue causing crashes when using the Find route function.

Client changes (4.0.3):

  • 4.0 Client Bugfix: Fixed an issue with the 4.0 client not installing on machines with no client at all.
  • 4.0 Client Bugfix: Make stars move in the same direction as Sol
  • 4.0 Client Bugfix: Fix opacity of custom color outlines on objects

A low memory usage unstable client has been added while we continue to work on performance issues. If you run multiple clients and would like less memory used per client or experience other performance based issues with the existing unstable client please use the following link:

Patch Notes 17/AUG/17

New fences and parapets are now available

  • The following fence types can now be built in Slate, Sandstone, Marble, Pottery brick, Rounded stone, and rendered.
    • Tall Stone Wall
    • Portcullis
    • High Iron Fence
    • High Iron Fence Gate
    • Stone Parapet
    • Chain Fence

Crate rack

  • Crate rack for storing large and small crates.
  • The crate rack can hold 30 large crates or 51 small crates’

Creature movement changes

  • Creatures will now avoid water and fences sooner (Enabled on Celebration only at this time).

New highway system

  • Overview

    • The new highway system has been enabled on PvE servers.
    • Paved highways of 2 or 3 tiles can be protected by the use of catseyes and waystones
    • Protected paved tiles cannot be destroyed, but can be terraformed with a limit of 20 slope (28 diagonally).
  • Catseyes and waystones

    • Blind catseyes are created with rock shards and a stone chisel, and then turned into catseyes with the addition of an eye.
    • Waystones are made with a chisel on a rock shard, and completed with a compass and a shaft.
    • Paved tiles that are two or three tiles wide can be protected by placing catseyes or waystones on adjacent tile corners.
    • A catseye may only connect to 2 catseyes or waystones and must be connected to one to allow planting.
    • Waystones will create junctions for multiple highway routes to connect and will require being connected to at least one catseye to allow planting off deed. Note: On deed a waystone may be planted without any connections.
  • Viewing protection

    • Possible protected tiles and links can be viewed before planting a catseye or waystone by activating the item and right clicking an eligible tile corner (one with a planted catseye or waystone on an adjacent tile).
    • Once planted, the protected tiles and links can be viewed by right clicking on the object and selecting it in the menu.
    • It is advised to use this to ensure the correct tiles will be protected when joining highway junctions.
  • Finding deeds

    • Deeds that have a waystone on deed may be found via the “find route” option on a waystone that is connected to the same highway.
    • If opted in, they may be found in the drop down menu, if they have not opted in they may still be found by inputting the exact deed name
  • Village settings

    • Village settings will be used for several purposes
    • Allowing highways to be built or connected on deed or within 3 tiles of the deed (in village perimeter).
    • KoS may not be used if the village is set to allow highways being built through the deed or within 3 tiles of the perimeter.
    • Allowing highways to be found via the drop down menu on any waystone connected to the same highway
      • Note, even if this is disabled, the village may be found by typing the exact name into the text box.

For more technical information a thread for the discussion and questions about the system is available here:
Questions asked in that thread may appear in a condensed Q&A form later.

Existing highway rules will remain in effect until notice of their removal and reliance on highway mechanics is given.

Bug fixes

  • Bugfix: Fixed the double text for build wooden plank floors.
  • Bugfix: Fix for menu option to remove reinforcement when trying to mine a ceiling above a reinforced floor.
  • Bugfix: Fix for planted items sometimes falling into a pile of decorations.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue where mining out a vein at a cave entrance could cause undesirable results.
  • Bugfix: Reworded mouseover text for village permission Mine Floor to indicate it also includes mining ceilings.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a number of ceiling mining issues related to reinforced flooring.
  • Bugfix: You can no longer bank locked items.
  • Bugfix: You can once again rename tents.
  • Bugfix: You should no longer be able to see through hedges and stone fencing.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue with pushing items into doorways from all directions when there was a bridge overhead.

Client changes (4.01)

  • General performance improvements.
  • The general lighting brightness in daytime, night time and underground has been increased.
  • Meat material name will show as a prefix if ‘show material name’ is disabled in settings.(this will appear on both 4.0 and stable)
  • You can now customize your hover outline colors via the game settings.
    • Customisation options will be available for neutral objects (tiles, neutral creatures, objects), hostiles, friends, and allies.
    • Transparency can also be adjusted to fade the border.
    • Standard colours will stay the same.
  • Fixed an issue with painted items and transparency.
  • Bugfix:  Fixed select bar mining issues.
  • Bugfix: Fix for bloated keybindings.txt file.

Patch Notes 31/JUL/17

Changes and additions

  • 100 shield smithing title added.
  • Eyes have been added to the huge spider butchered item list.

Bug Fixes

  • Bugfix:  Fixed an issue with pushing items onto cave bridges as well as pushing items out of doors which had bridges above.
  • Bugfix:  Cooked meat has been removed from the list of valid mission items.
  • Bugfix:  Wells and fountains should auto-fill again if they are on a water source tile.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue with destroying house walls on underground buildings even though you were the owner.
  • Bugfix:  Fixed an issue with building permissions when trying to move items into a planted bins.
  • Bugfix:  In Game wiki links have been fixed.
  • Bugfix: Reduced fuel usage runes now work as intended.
  • Bugfix:  Fixed rune power loss with item use.
  • Bugfix: Enchanted arrows will no longer go into bulk bins.
  • Bugfix:  Removed epic structures from the Create Items mission lists.
  • 4.0 Client: Fixed the issue with hitched creature placement.
  • 4.0 Client: Fixed the issue with disappearing embarked players.
  • 4.0 Client: Adjusted the brightness on building doors.

Patch Notes 20/JUL/17

Changes and additions

  • Added the name of the Capital City of the Alliance in the Village Info screen.
  • Secured/Planted forges and ovens will no longer take decay ticks on deed.
  • Removed the taming difficulty modifier on Black light kingdom players.
  • Epic structure changes on freedom.
    • Deeds can now be placed and resized over Epic  structures.
    • Epic structures no longer require a mission to create them.
    • Missions have a chance of generating at any off deed Epic structure.
    • Ritual missions will pick a random structure type before picking a random structure of that type.
    • Epic structures now report helpers and percentages correctly.

Bug Fixes:

  • Bugfix:  Metallic liquid will require and use up only the base weight of the liquid when imbuing.
  • Bugfix:  Changed the description of metallic liquid as it can be used on other things, not only weapons.
  • Bugfix:  Increased tower guard pathing range, addressing instances in which tower guards did not respond when called in range.

Creature movement changes

  • Disabled champions fleeing on all servers.
  • Reverted a change that made bred seals constantly flee on all servers.

Client changes

  • The game clients have been updated and should now work correctly with the latest java version 8u141
  • This update also includes a change to how the memory management system works, and should reduce “stuttering” when running the client for an extended period.

Unstable client changes:

  • The memory limitation has been swapped to a dynamic memory usage system, which will allocate RAM depending on the available amount system-wide. Systems with larger amounts of memory will see an increase in the amount that Wurm takes up, but will scale down if it does not require it.
  • Bugfix: Corrected issues in which cave dwelling walls did not render
  • Bugfix: Butterflies and fish will no longer glow at night
  • Bugfix: Removed the swimming sound when embarking a boat from water.

Client update to address Java issues

The game clients have been updated and should now work correctly with the latest java version 8u141

This update also includes a change to how the memory management system works, and should reduce “stuttering” when running the client for an extended period.

The unstable client also carries the following changes:

The memory limitation has been swapped to a dynamic memory usage system, which will allocate RAM depending on the available amount system-wide. Systems with larger amounts of memory will see an increase in the amount that Wurm takes up, but will scale down if it does not require it.

  • Bugfix: Corrected issues in which cave dwelling walls did not render
  • Bugfix: Butterflies and fish will no longer glow at night
  • Bugfix: Removed the swimming sound when embarking a boat from water.

Patch Notes 06/JUL/17

  • Wurmian dendrologists have noted that the girth of Olive and Chestnut trees has diminished. (olive and chestnut tree trunks are now thinner by 60%)
  • Cave entrances can now be reinforced, prepared, and paved like other cave floors.
  • Priests that can dig without going faithless can now dredge.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue where keys ended up in a bugged state if they were inside a bank or mailbox when the lock was destroyed.  Now the keys should be destroyed as well.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug that caused cave ceilings to examine as floors and requirement remove reinforcement permissions when above a reinforced floor.
  • Bugfix:  Fix for some underground bridges causing errors resulting in players rubberbanding as they travel across the bridge.
  • Bugfix: Hota should no longer break if there is a server restart during an active event – remaining pillars should spawn seconds before the shutdown.
  • Bugfix: Fixed the issue causing decayed organic material from being stuck in a your bank taking up a slot until server restart.
  • Bugfix:  Metallic Liquid will now come in a potion bottle when looted and will actually work when ‘smeared’ onto an item.
    • The imbue will start with 100 power, no matter what your actual skill is as long as the action succeeds.
    • Protect against items “cracking” 5 times, lose 20 power from the imbue every time it “forms cracks”
    • Protect against a single shatter. As long as the power of the imbue even exist listed on the item, it will be protected.
    • You can NOT smear another potion to “refill” the lost power, effect must be gone.

Client updates

  • 4.0 Client fix: Straightened out reinforced walls next to veins with cave detail set to high.
  • 4.0 Client fix: Wild hive message on screen should now appear again if you  do not have it hidden in settings.
  • 4.0 Client fix:  Rangefinder numbers are again visible when using a spyglass.
  • 4.0 Client fix: Corona position (glow) for some items was fixed from hovering above to a center position.
  • 4.0 Client fix: Fixed orientation issues of embarked players.
  • 4.0 Client fix: There should be no more ‘lightning’ flashes on animals, people and items.
  • 4.0 Client new:  Added a post-process tab in client settings to to add or remove some effects.
    • Bloom
    • FXAA (antialiasing)
    • Vignette
  • Bugfix:  Changed the orientation of pavement on bridges to match terrain paving.
  • Bugfix: Fixed the bumpy cave floor pavement as seen with cave detail set to high.
  • Deed planner exporter changes:
    • New wall/fence types and bushes as well as floors are now exported properly
    • Deed borders are exported as DeedPlanner border
    • If deed is coastal, all height values on map will be accurate. Otherwise, lowest point on plan will have height 5 when imported into the DeedPlanner

Patch notes 22/JUN/17


  • Can use keybinds FLATTEN or LEVEL on tile borders resulting in the raising or lowering of the tile border.
  • Less random slopes when mining forward,  depending on skill level.
    • skill less than 50, +-3 (current)
    • skill = 50, variance is +-2
    • skill = 70, variance is +-1
    • skill = 90+ no variance
  • Tile corners are now available on bridges.
  • Champion changes
    • Kingdoms will no longer require the player god to favour them in order to ascend a champion
    • Each kingdom may have one champion per god, with a maximum of three champions
  • Courier and dark messenger no longer have cooldowns
  • Genesis now has a cooldown of 30 seconds


  • Bugfix:  Creatures without bodies should play a proper death animation before being deleted.
  • Bugfix: Strange devices courier casts can now be improved while in the correct spirits domain
  • Bugfix: Fixed the bug that caused the pave option to show on packed dirt with floor boards, resulting in a gravel tile.

Hotfix 17/JUN/17

  • Bugfix: The issue causing underground fence gates and doors to lose locks has been identified and fixed. All underground houses and fence gates that were locked prior to yesterdays update will again be locked, but permissions will need to be recreated. Unfortunately to address this bug all new underground houses and fence built since yesterdays update will lose their locks. PLEASE ensure to re-lock any doors or fences built underground in the past day.
  • Bugfix: Bridges can now be properly built from underground dwellings (addressing walls too weak message).
  • Bugfix: Reinforced walls now have flat visual on high cave detail

Patch Notes 16/JUN/17

Bridges 2.0

  • Bridges can now be planned and built inside caves.
  • Pottery, slate, sandstone, rendered and rounded stone bridges can now be built.
  • Minimum height from water level has been reduced to 1 dirt above water.
  • You can now pave bridges to match your roads by preparing them with mortar then paving them as you would a normal surface tile.
    • This does not apply to rope or wooden bridges

Other changes and additions:

  • The weight of an almanac has been reduced to .25 weight empty
  • Cooking times have been tweaked so that they are a bit faster than the previous patch.  Lag will be monitored with this setting.
  • When shearing sheep, the wool will now go directly into inventory instead of on the ground.
  • Spawn of Uttacha will now have more unique combat features on the Epic cluster.

Client Changes:

  • New combat log will colour code messages according to your relationship with the subjects.
  • The colours may be set by using the text colour options in the client settings.
  • (Unstable)New player texture compression has been added to improve performance in large gatherings.

Bug Fixes:

  • Bugfix:  Fixed the issue with not being able to improve metal mine doors when lump quality and skill should have allowed improvement.
  • Bugfix:  You can now dig near pavement without having to remove and replace it again.
  • Bugfix:  Restricted prospecting on reinforced floors.
  • Bugfix: You should no longer be able to surface mine next to bridge entrances/exits.
  • Bugfix: Contents from decayed Easter Eggs will have the same last owner as the egg itself.
  • Bugfix: Disembarking on a bridge should no longer make you stuck.
  • Bugfix:  Erupt ability should again work on sandstone and other veins.


Patch Notes 8/JUN/17

  • Clearing crops that have turned to weeds will now return one seed.
  • Bugfix: Possible fix for the ‘stuck’ mine issues and invisible items.
  • Bugfix: Blessed lamps should stop consuming fuel when planted on the new pavement types in mines.