Hotfix 19/01/18

Affinity system adjustments:

We’ve made some adjustments to the affinity system to improve how affinities are gained. we’ll continue to log affinities gained and adjust accordingly.

Patch Notes 18/JAN/18

Changes and additions:

  • We have adjusted some creatures spawn tile requirements to prevent the over abundance of seal colonies on rocky shores. Rats can now spawn on rock near water and seals may spawn on beaches. We’ll continue to monitor locations of large seal colonies.
  • The ability to dig dirt or resources directly into a pile has been added. The keybind dig_to_pile will allow you to dig dirt and other resources and have them go into a pile at your feet.  Once the pile is full, the resources will go into inventory. This is only available via the keybind which can be set in the console or in the keybind tab on the settings page.
  • Hell horses now have new colour names to differentiate them from regular horses.
    • Brown > Cinder
    • Gold > Envious
    • Black > Shadow
    • White > Pestilential
    • Grey > Ash
    • Ebony Black > Molten
    • Piebald Pinto > Nightshade
    • Blood bay > Incandescent
  • Examining a live horse or hell horse will now give it’s colour in the examine message.
  • Title for masonry 100 added – Another Brick In The Wall
  • Sealed containers can now be placed on merchants.
  • Sealed dye containers will now show the RGB in the title.

Affinity System Adjustments:


Overkilling Changes:

(Note: Overkilling is the mechanic that stops any skillgain, affinity gain, rank bonuses etc from killing a player too often)

  • The time limit of 3 hours between kills to trigger overkilling of another player (after having killed them at least 3 times already per player) has been increased to 6 hours.
  • Overall kills on a single player are now tracked, and will count as overkilling if killed more than 3 times by any other player in a short time.
    • When killed in PvP a player will gain a death count and a 3 hour timer will tick down.
    • If killed while that timer is ticking down, another death count will be gained, and the timer will reset to the 3 hour mark and start again.
    • After this timer has ticked down, a death is removed from their count and the timer will reset if any death counts remain.
    • If a player’s death count increases over 3, then any PvP kills against them will count as overkilling until that death count is again below 3.

Affinity Changes:

  • When using a skill premium characters will now have a small chance to gain an affinity in that skill upon a successful skill check.
    • On average once every 2 hours, a character will open a 15s window of time where every successful skill check will have a chance to gain an affinity in that skill. (e.g if you are mining during this window, you could gain an affinity in mining, pickaxe, miscellaneous items, body stamina, body strength, soul strength, mind logic, mind, soul, or body)
    • The chance to gain an affinity is 1/500 if you have no affinities in that skill, 1/1000 if you have one affinity, 1/1500 if you have two affinities, 1/2000 if you have 3 affinities and 1/2500 if you have 4 affinities.
    • If an affinity is successfully gained during the 15s window, the window will reset and no more will be able to be gained until the next window on that character.
    • This window will remain open and check every skill tick until an affinity is gained or the 15 seconds is up.
    • We will be monitoring these chances and making changes as necessary.
  • Stealing affinities upon killing a character in PvP has changed:
    • If the dead character only has one affinity total, they will not lose that affinity and the killer will not gain an affinity.
    • If the dead character has more than one affinity, then a random one is lost and may go to the killer.
      • If the dead character has more affinities in that skill than the killer, then the killer will gain that affinity 100% of the time.
      • Otherwise, the chance for the killer to gain the affinity is dependant on the difference between the number of affinities in that skill each player has (before the dead character loses the affinity).
      • If the difference is 0, the chance is 50% for the killer to gain the affinity. Difference of 1 is 25%, difference of 2 is 12.5% and difference of 3 is 6.25%.
    • If an affinity is lost by the dead character and none gained by the killer, then the killer will receive a timed affinity in that skill that will last for a week.

Client Changes:

  • Bugfix: Various objects should not re-appear in wrong places after traveling
  • Bugfix: Keybinds set for GRAVE key will now save correctly

Bug Fixes:

  • Bugfix: An issue causing continued lag on Elevation since the release of 1.6 has been identified and addressed. We will continue to monitor the server for any instances of extended lag
  • Bugfix: You should no longer be able to drag more than 100 items into the saddlebags or saddle sacks.
  • Bugfix: The 2017 Saddle Sack gifts should no longer decay.
  • Bugfix: A roof on a south or east building border tile should no longer block wall plans.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue with keybind for combine fragment not working properly.
  • Bugfix: Fillets of fish and meat should no longer change to generic fish/meat fillets when dragging from one bulk container to another.
  • Bugfix: Weight reduction runes on tool and weapon heads will be ignored so that the items can be used for creation and not return a too little material message.
  • Bugfix: Corrected various text messages.
  • Bugfix: Fixed Valrei scenario mission rewards being awarded incorrectly.
  • Bugfix: You should no longer be able to resize a deed with enemy presence.
  • Bugfix: Removed double taste and drink option on sealed containers with something activated in inventory.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue with control-click and dragging containers inside containers.
  • Bugfix: You can now drag items directly into containers inside equipped saddle sacks/bags.
  • Bugfix: Disallowed PvP opportunity attacks on other players on PvE servers, except in spars/duels.
  • Bugfix: Removed double application of bloodthirst for archery on Epic.

Hotfix 23/DEC/17


  • Saddles can now have Wind of Ages cast on them again.
  • Fixed Saddlebags and saddlesacks being able to hold more than 100 items.
  • PMK wagon textures have been corrected.
  • Saddles no longer fit inside saddlebags to avoid nesting.
  • Placing items inside a saddlebag or sack will not damage horse shoes.
  • Hair colours have been corrected.
  • Cave lighting has been corrected.