Burying improvements

  • Changes to Bury:
    When you bury it will also bury all items that were in the corpse.
    You can now bury on rock and cliff tiles, but have to use a pickaxe.
    You can now bury in caves using a pickaxe too and last but not least… bury corpse action can now give rare coins
  • Fix for mine door permissions not changing correctly when deed founded over them.
  • Fix so clay will only lower every 50-100 dig actions.
  • Fixed bug that stopped mayor from setting rent on beds in houses.
  • Added check in so that if an animal is tamed, it can only be cared for by the tamer.
  • Added plant to trellis. Plus they will be able to be used indoors.
  • Fix so underwater mycelium will revert to dirt or kelp or reeds if not in HOTS kingdom.
  • Allowed mycelium to spread over moss (as can now plant it)
  • Fix so action queue can’t be used to bypass fatigue.
  • Fix for PMK titles not becoming available based on land control
  • Fix so if an animal is branded it does not check who last lead it. E.g. it always checks the brand permissions for branded animals.
  • You can no longer put locked containers on merchants

Looms fit in Wagons, Crash bugfix

  • Increased the internal size of wagons so looms fit.
  • Fix for off-deed gate permissions so citizens of “xxx” will work (and allies of “xxx”) e.g. it correctly now checks for the gates owners settlement.
  • Fix so emotes on tiles work.
  • Missions that require you to drain permanent settlements should no longer appear.
  • Unfinished walls now take damage from attacks a lot faster.
  • You should no longer be able to plan fences and walls on top of unfinished ones.
  • Valrei quest items and treasure chests now spawn more based on map size, which means an increase on for instance Elevation.
  • Fix for server crashes (was caused by flowers.. flower-power!)
  • Update so ‘harvestable’ hover text can only show for trees and bushes are within the correct age limits.

Smelter live!

  • Added smelter, holds 100 ore, fairly hard to make.
  • Fix so mycelium trees can revert to normal ones.
  • Settlement founding screen no longer indicates that 7 silver will be used toward the founding of a deed when a deed stake is used.
  • Fix for loading items that should not fit.
  • Update so you get a notification when you get the alcoholic title.
  • Fix so animal ratio limit is shown with correct number for pvp servers (on settlement info screen).
  • Use water when improving clay items with it.
  • Fix so manage objects is not blocked from r-click menu.
  • Fix so dragging items into an unlocked bulk container uses structure or village permissions as required.
  • Fixed some spelling errors.
  • Wooden beams, marble, slate, and stone slabs can be stored in bulk containers.
  • Fix for flowers not spawning on grass tiles.
  • Allow anyone with modify building to be able to attach locks to it.
  • Added ability to plant signs and lamps in tile corners directly.
  • Update so client shows ‘harvestable’ when a tree or bush is.

Lock bugfix

  • Fix so enemies on PvP servers don’t get unlock option on building doors.
  • Fix so practice doll has to be on ground to be used.
  • Fix so mycelium spreads on pvp servers.

Bulk container decay and nudging decorations

  • Fix for citizen group not working correctly for structure permissions. It was only working on deed, now should also work off deed.
  • Removed bulk containers 5% decay when its on a deed with over a months upkeep.
  • Removed option to “add to crafting window” for kiln, gnomes and lairs.
  • Fix so a non-villager can grow hedges using wild growth if have correct permissions.
  • Fix for unlocked attached boatlocks and padlocks. E.g. they are also locked when attached to something, this is to help with some going unlocked on crossing servers.
  • Changed so summoning a worg, removes any current pets. This should stop people have multiple pets after casting summon worg.
  • Fix so planted items are always moveable and turnable by the person who planted it.
  • Added more items to the list of items that shouldn’t appear in sacrifice missions.
  • Removed menu option to blow up a building.
  • Cobra King and Lady of the Lake no longer should show up as mission targets.
  • Added sanity checks for Hell Strength.
  • Fix for branded creatures taking on kingdom from brand (PvP).
  • Partial fix for chaos permissions. Feedback on what else needs doing required.
  • Fix so small chests can be unlocked/locked whilst in inventory.
  • Added gentle push/pull actions.
  • Fix so cant trade merchant contract on that merchant.
  • Fix so necklace, ring, bracelet, ball and chain will now form piles.
  • Added destroy options for bell towers and snowmen.
  • Fix so anyone who can manage a building can attach a lock.
  • Fix to allow most enemy actions in buildings.
  • Removed hunted status on non-home servers and non-pvp servers.
  • Added a right-click option on tabs called ‘clear tab’. This will empty the content of the tab.
  • Added gravel and floorboards to road type, so diagonal gravel and floorboards are now displayed correctly.
  • Allow tile transitions to render when tile decorations/detail is on a lower value. E.g. Very Sparse is only setting that will not show tile transitions.

Bugged fountains renamed

  • The legacy fountains inside smaller containers have been changed a bit. Their function is exactly the same as before in most respects but are named “unstable source rift”. These rifts will disappear in a bit more than a year from now. When they disappear any items inside will either end up in the container they are in at that time or outside on the ground if they don’t fit.
  • Rifts are made from magic and not from stone, so they can not be improved.
  • We will add features that compensate for the loss of most or all of the functionality that these provide up until then.

Sotg icon

  • ‘/tinvite <player>’ command has been added. This command lets you invite a player to your team. The player who is being invited must have /invitations turned on.
  • Using archery target will no longer give double event messages.
  • The ‘Shield of the Gone’ status icon will now appear properly, like the other meditation passive status icons.
  • The /stuck command can no longer be used in combat
  • Throwing hot liquids was balanced
  • Zombie milk was balanced

Birdcage, restriction changes

  • Fixed a minor issue with using tomes (for the first time), where it would check if you’re outside a mine, instead of inside.
  • Kings now have two titles: their normal king title followed by their normal title. This normal title can be changed.
  • Fix so kiln can be made indoors as not restricted them being used only outside.
  • Added display of signature for ‘fire’ items, and added creator for kiln.
  • Added sig for crates (as they were already on bsbs).
  • Increased depth that tiles can be paved.
  • Fixes for pvp (epic) permissions.
  • Fix for some minedoors not being able to be remotely managed.
  • Added birdcage.
  • (PvE) Auto-add some permissions when an animal is branded.
  • Added 1st tile of perimeter to Deed Planner map export.
  • Fixed bug in Deed Planner related to deeds being shifted one tile horizontally while exporting.