Patch Notes 27/MAY/16 Rift Tweaks

In response to the hiccups in today’s rift opening, all servers will have their rifts reset to spawn again with an opening time planned over this weekend. The issue with them opening early has also been identified and corrected.

  • Delay from Rift spawning to Rift opening changed to 3 hours on PvP servers and 2 days on PvE servers.
  • Removed chance for loot from Rift creatures summoned via Summoners.
  • Bugfix – Removed possibility of Rifts closing early when all creatures were killed. Rifts will now require sacrificing the hearts or source salt only to summon the next wave.
  • Bugfix – Fixed issue where restarting the server caused incorrect opening times for the rifts.
  • Bugfix – Fixed issue where examining gates in some cases crashed clients.


Patch Notes 24/MAY16 Jackal Rising

  • Rifts
    • Invasions from the moon Jackal! Team up, kill creatures and sacrifice their hearts to bring the next wave.
    • Rifts will spawn randomly over the server, away from deeds.
    • Source can also be sacrificed to open the rift if hearts are not available.
    • They will spawn on all servers.
    • Collect loot dropped by Rift creatures, with shoulder pads, rings, bracelets providing over two dozen different bonuses!
    • Bonuses from Rift equipment will be disabled on PvP servers (for now).
    • Invasions will be marked with a red light shining into the sky, they will appear 3 days prior to an invasion on PvE servers, and 1 hour prior to the invasion on PvP servers.
  • Cave dwellings!
    • Currently PvE only, they will come to PvP when adequate countermeasures are introduced.
    • They require reinforced flat floors.
    • Can be built up to 8 stories.
    • Plain stone building types only.
    • Can be built against walls on deed only.
    • Take fast decay when off deed
  • Source Crystals can now be mined from any tile type.
  • Silver Mirrors can no longer be traded in containers.
  • Bugfix – Fixed a few grammatical and text errors.
  • Bugfix – Destroying altars now checks the ‘destroy items’ permission for allies and non-citizens
  • Bugfix – Scythes no longer take damage when harvesting non grain fields.
  • Bugfix – Movement speed on bridges corrected.
  • Bugfix – Attaching a lock to a group of items now only locks the first unlocked item.
  • Bugfix – Fences in arched walls have improved permission checks for destroying.
  • Bugfix – Unlocked and unmoored boats on PvP servers can now be dragged by anyone with the appropriate strength.
  • Bugfix – Keyholders can now take items from locked containers even if they lack permissions.
  • Bugfix – Corrected an issue which allowed some priests to pray at any altar.

WSA: Wurmpedia and website migration

We will be performing the migration from our current web server to a new server within the next 24 hours. During this time you may notice a short period of downtime in the Wurmpedia or be unable to connect to the main website. The forums will continue to operate as normal, and it should not last longer than 10 minutes.

Patch Notes 04/MAY/16


  • Updated deed permissions. “Destroy any building” is now a permission that can be set for any role other than ‘non citizen’.
  • Nathan and Tosiek followers and priests may now pray at the Bone Altar and butcher. Keeping negative alignment will also be easier.
  • Only players with “Modify Building” will be able to catapult a friendly house
  • Archery penalty is no longer affected by helms.
  • Changed archery penalty for heavier armours from a flat fail % to added difficulty depending on armour.
  • Combat tab now shows offensive, karma and healing spells (+ creature targeted dispel) Meditation messages are yet to come.
  • Throw has been removed from valrei mobs, uniques will still throw.
  • Shield of the Gone has been reduced to a 30% Damage reduction. An option to transfer one time from Path of Insanity will come in a future update.

Text Fixes

  • Fixed example cost when mailing (1c rather than 10c).
  • Corrected instances of “alot” to  “a lot”.
  • Corrected the message when chosing HotS on Chaos as a new player from Golden Valley.
  • Corrected capitalisation on some titles.

Bug fixes.

  • PvP Enemies will can now properly take from any structure they gain access to.
  • Casting dirt in loaded crates is now possible again.
  • Corrected Worm Brains precondition check.
  • Only one unit weight will be used when levelling with concrete (1 3kg unit per individual raising action).