Hotfix 23/DEC/17


  • Saddles can now have Wind of Ages cast on them again.
  • Fixed Saddlebags and saddlesacks being able to hold more than 100 items.
  • PMK wagon textures have been corrected.
  • Saddles no longer fit inside saddlebags to avoid nesting.
  • Placing items inside a saddlebag or sack will not damage horse shoes.
  • Hair colours have been corrected.
  • Cave lighting has been corrected.


Patch Notes 23/DEC/17

Changes and Additions:

  • Added small bag
    • Small bag is created with a needle on leather.
    • Small bags are not containers, but are used in creation of saddlebags.
  • Added saddlebags
    • Saddlebags are created with a leather belt on a small bag, and finished with an additional leather belt and small bag.
    • Any weight in the saddlebag will count as half weight for speed calculations on the horse.
    • Saddles are now considered containers, which can only take saddlebag items.
    • Saddlebags are placed inside the saddle on the horse, and can be reached by the equipment menu
    • A separate option to access saddlebags independently of the equipment menu is in the works, but not available at this time
  • Added PAVE and PAVE_CORNER keybinds.

Bug Fixes:

  • New players created after today’s update will have the Fix Cooking Affinties flag set to ON in manage profiles.  Any characters created prior to today’s update will need to manually set the flag to ON if they wish to have the updated affinity calculation.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed multiple deity champs per kingdom and more than 3 champs.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect scenario rewards.
  • Valrei mission items should now advance the sacrifice mission even if quality is below 30.
  • Fixed an issue causing recipe notes to disappear when logging out. Max length for notes is 200 characters.
  • You no longer get the drink option in the context menu for sealed containers.
  • You can no longer fill a sealed container.
  • Required amount of statue of drake fragments has been reduced to 127 instead of 133 to prevent them bugging out.
  • Armor pieces with no material indicated should now properly combine with the iron material pieces.

Client update notes 7/DEC/17

  • Added an anchor option to skill tracker for anchoring bottom left or top left of the locked window when adding or removing skills.
  • Significantly reduced memory usage in situations where other players were in local. (This will include a rather large download of the graphics pack, but reduces the overall size and memory usage of the pack.)
  • Fixed not matching head and body colours.
  • Other general optimizations.