Permissions, Magical Walls, Fires, Sounds and Fog Spiders

  • Lowered volume of wooden beam to better match volume of log it is made from.
  • Removed Magic Wall creation from source salt due to balancing issues and redundancy.
  • Fix for snuffing fireplaces not removing the fire effect.
  • Fix so cannot surface mine next to a fence.
  • Fix for archery killing any animal regardless of deed permissions.
  • Trellis Size changes to be more realistic (was same as collossus) – only affects new trellis.
  • Limited take broadcast spam to 10 tiles. Only really affects very large items (e.g. old trellis).
  • Added changing settlement name to the settlement settings screen, still requires the resize permission.
  • Fix so cannot create a campfire if there is already a lit one on same tile.
  • Corrected the sounds played when you start making a wood mine door and floor boards.
  • Changed it so cant do a confession on an invulnerable player, e.g. they must have moved.
  • Added rarity description to examine of unfinished items.
  • Removed smithing sounds when making wool hats.
  • Fog spiders should now show up properly.
  • Rummaged rock iron now smelts to a 0.8kg lump instead of a 0.2kg lump.

WSA: Model updates

Wurm Service Announcement

Friday saw a major update for the graphics pack, with the conversion to a new model system. Some of these models are displaying incorrectly, and we are working on collecting a complete list of which models are incorrect. If you could list any strange models you see on this thread, we will have them fixed and updated as soon as possible!

We have also heard a few reports of decreased performance, travel lag, and issues with memory leaks. In order to track what may be causing this, please check out our thread here and provide as much information as you can.

Movement progressing and other stuff

  • A few movement issues may remain but most have been tackled and no serious ones should be live. Thank you for your patience with this – the game should be a lot more responsive and accurate when it comes to player positioning in the future.
  • Fix for auto-lighting fireplaces.
  • Fix so server is shown per message again in ca help.
  • Weaving magical walls now costs a lot more.
  • Fix for village destroy permission to work on structures.

Sleep bonus

  • Another minor/large update today removed most of the remaining movement lag. We are still working on reasons for being disembarked etc.
  • Sleep bonus was awarded for these last days of extra downtime.
  • Proper checks were added to make sure altars can only be used on ground. A problem with Sermons not working will be in the next update (Friday expected).
  • More smelting tweaks.

Movement changes

  • We are using a more direct movement system now, which should reduce round trip time and eventually improve accuracy. It will be easier to debug issues as well. Thank you for your patience with the number of restarts these last days, and the wonky movement situation especially on Xanadu. We’ll add sleep bonus in the next restart for your troubles!
  • Smelting received an update so items should yield more proper amounts again.
  • Allow anyone with pickup planted permissions to turn/move planted items where those permissions are valid. E.g. it uses structure permissions in houses and village role in village . Only owner can turn/move items off deed.
  • Unplant items that have over 70 damage or their relative Ql is under 10QL. Also will not be able to plant items with under 10ql or items with over 70 damage.
  • Allow “on deed” open fireplaces to auto-light and auto-fill if an oil barrel is on same deed. Note, Don’t need guards for auto-fill as on your deed.
  • Fix for Hell Horse breath weapon.
  • Allow flags (including banners) to just show description.
  • Fix so creating a campfire using a kindling in a backpack will not spam event tab.
  • Update so sounds start earlier for actions.
  • Removed low nutrition penalty.
  • Unloading catapults will now check if you’re able to carry the item you’re trying to unload.

Wurm Service Announcement: Planted items

In an upcoming update planted items with over 70 damage or less than 10 effective quality will no longer be planted and can be picked up by anyone off deed. On deed planted items will not be affected by this change. Please ensure all planted items are above 10 quality and have less than 70 damage if you wish to secure them.

-The Wurm Team