Repair in Creation Window, Breeding changes on PvP

  • Added possibility to repair tools directly in crafting window.
  • Tripled the ondeed creature ratio on pvp servers.
  • Foals now age a lot faster on pvp servers.
  • Reduced the breed wait timers on pvp servers.
  • The Rod of Eruption has been replaced with a Tome of Incineration since use of the rod was considered undesirable.
  • Fixed some issues with loading things onto boats.
  • Fixed an issue with grass height and flower data.

Bridges and transportation

  • It should now be possible to lead creatures and drive/ride from bridges high up into houses.
  • Fix for teleporting when moving out from floors onto steep tiles.
  • Added in ability to see who planted an item (using examine).
  • Fix so items and creatures that were on bridge when it was destroyed, loose their link to the bridge.
  • Made wall collisions wider, to remove the see through feature.
  • If there is only one possible item to craft, it is auto-selected in crafting window by default (like sand+clay).
  • Non-premiums gives less to no skill in pvp due to some exploitability.
  • Chaos server: In order to deal with alt problems, non-premiums can only respawn in permanent cities and pmk capitals until a better solution can be coded.

Item sizes

  • Fixes for setting weight and sizes when creating items from combined materials.
  • Fix for some notake items suddenly being possible to take.
  • Improved the newbie light a bit.
  • More breeding timer tweaks.
  • Changed bridge decay, so if its used the decay is reduced (a lot).
  • Infection in wounds were bugged and will now be a bit harder to get rid of.
  • The spell Ward should make more creatures flee now.
  • Walls no longer keeps their colors when set to plan or rubble.

Valrei bugfixes and balancing

  • A few bugs that may have prevented Nathan from ascending were found, and he was ascended manually since Fo won this scenario.
  • Powers and vitality for deities on Valrei are now recalculated when receiving immortality. The calculated attack and vitality values generated that are higher than 6 will start at 6 and add 0.1 per full point above 6. So a value of 11 will result in 6.5. This will balance the playing field better. Existing deities have had their values recalculated according to this algorithm.


  • Fix so chopping a tree down leaves the grass (or mycelium) at same length (except lawn goes to short grass/mycelium).
  • Fix for fsb and bsb becoming unplanted over server resets.
  • Fix so can’t dig at the end of bridges.
  • Fix so the max ql of floors and bridge parts is not restricted to 80.
  • In order to prevent various annoying situations, siege shields (and unfinished ones) are now notake and must be created where they are supposed to be used.
  • Turrets should now properly revert to unenchanted ones if dispelled.
  • Removed false disease status which occurred in certain situations.
  • Fix for fatigue going into the negative and blocking certain actions while mounted.
  • Bulk container double turn menus removed.
  • Scissors now take proper damage when shearing.
  • Fix for floor/roof damage using certain tools.
  • Blocked removing bulk items into tents due to certain exploitability.
  • Harvesting now properly using 100 item inventory limitation.
  • Exiting through a door with enemies players in local should now unlock it as well as when entering.
  • Removed possibility to change creator by dealing damage to items.
  • You can no longer tame creatures led by another player or hitched to a vehicle.
  • Hens and chickens no longer autofollow due to disease issues.
  • Summoned skeletons and wraiths should no longer attack same kingdom but other kingdom players.
  • Made it so newbie tents can’t be put into containers due to exploitability.

Marble Planters! Removed Weapon Enchant Decay

  • Removed enchant decay on weapons due to extreme rarity but overwhelming impopularity.
  • Humid drizzle should now properly save the disease state when used so that it doesn’t reset on server restarts.
  • Added marble planters as craftables. Should function in the same way as flowerpots.
  • Possible fix for minedoors not opening for enemies trying to enter shortly after passing.
  • Skillgain for battle camp guards were brought in line with kingdom guards.
  • Fixed so water doesn’t get the rarity when tempering and improving.
  • Fixed so you now can select a player when hovering over their face mask or ring.
  • Fixed bug in skill tracker where the “show progress to next skill” button is always unchecked by default.
  • Fixed for client crashing with out of bounds.