Post Summer Batch

We’re happy to be back in the saddle after the summer vacation and we have prepared quite a fat list of updates for you to enjoy:

  • Drumroll message moved to correct place
  • Added ability to put fences in archs
  • Added ability to rename a list of items
  • Added ability to set price on a list of items
  • Added Drop -> as pile
  • Added new command /addfriend to enable adding friends remotely (even x-server)
  • Fix for picking rare flowers, so get a drumroll
  • Adamantine boulders from volcanoes now have 1/4th of previous yield
  • The volcanoes on Chaos are back
  • Fixed a bug where some forage/botanize options allowed you to stay mounted while foraging
  • Increased Seal/Tortoise spawn rates
  • Fixed examine description of cake, cake slices and risotto
  • Terraforming permissions are now also enforced when targeting a boat while dredging, instead of a tile
  • You no longer need pickup permission to rotate items on a deed. You will still need push/pull/turn permission however
  • You can no longer push mounts if you neither have push permissions nor driver permissions
  • Global ignore will no longer tell you if a player is not on your server
  • Allowed dredging to ignore the road slopes
  • Village bonuses max values were increased. Also reduced effect of more villagers
  • Champions that left for home servers no longer block Champion slots after their 6 months are up
  • Fixed a bug that allowed planted recruitment boards to be taken after a server restart
  • Moved drumroll for picking sprouts to end of action
  • Newbie buffs no longer can be dispelled
  • A situation where enemy presence wasn’t removed when an opponent was killed was fixed
  • Seals can now be tamed with fish
  • Valrei creatures should now spawn on Chaos

A couple of feedback improvements

  • Fix so it shows Sender’s Name even if they have not been to your server
  • Fix for missing descriptions for some dishes
  • Added in message when you get drumroll signalling a rarity action (not everyone has sound or GLSL on)
  • Updated messages from analyse so it shows approx compass direction to veins

Mailbox fix

  • The mailbox issue has been sorted with this update. Will now show rarity and enchants on items waiting
  • We have started to tweak Xanadu economy in order to provide better money distribution
  • Inactivated the two volcanoes on Chaos due to the perceived imbalance of metal spawning
  • Added description to tabard
  • Fix for stamina drain when setting a trap
  • Fix for length check of new passwords
  • Updated the description for stone chisels so does not include the work steel

Various summer fixes

  • Fix for mail message being early
  • Moved Pour into a sub menu
  • Fix for /ignore not returning ignore list correctly + Possible fix for un-ignoring x-servers
  • Moved Throw to a submenu
  • Moved DROP to submenu
  • The terraforming village permissions now also controls dredging
  • Fix for gates not knowing they were in a settlement when the settlement was shrunk