Patch Notes 27/APR/16

  • Bugfix – Changing the contents of the mailbox while sending will now abort the sending process.
  • Bugfix – Corrected double period text with ‘Get Info’ Skill.
  • Bugfix – You are no longer able to cast ‘Dirt’ on Bulk Storage Bins in your inventory.

Patch Notes 21/APR/16

  • Bugfix – Salt, flint and gems will now land in the same pile as shards.
  • Bugfix – Floor reinforcements can now be removed even when the tile is at maximum mining depth.
  • Bugfix – During some actions checks for errors should now occur before giving skill gain.
  • Bugfix – Allowed the ability to always lead animals on a PvP server.
  • Bugfix – Expelling kingdom members has been improved, with feedback given upon failures.
  • Bugfix – Combat Rating calculation for Player Vs Player has been corrected to 1 CR point per 5 fight skill.

Patch Notes 14/04/16

  • Information Minister territory messages have been removed.
  • Branches, Rock Iron and slate/marble shards can now be discarded from inventory.
  • Bugfix – Some reported height problems with creating bridges have been resolved. If you were affected by this bug please log a support ticket for material reimbursement.
  • Bugfix – Many grammar and spelling issues corrected.
    • “After breeding you will start stop leading.” is now “After you finish breeding you will stop leading.”
    • “Rumours of The Unique Name is starting to spread.” is now “Rumours of The Unique Name are starting to spread.”

Patch Notes 07/APR/16

  • Made chance on getting rock when foraging depend on inverse skill. e.g. more likely to get it on low skill.
  • Added flatten and level actions to ceilings.
  • Removed the one-per-tile limitation on FSBs and BSBs.
  • Added strength requirement of 23 in order to cast Break Altar on the White light and Black light huge altars.
  • Change for harvest times so more likely to be in default week.
  • Status Effect icon for Resurrection Stone added.
  • Bugfix – Items dropped when on a bridge should no longer exceed the 100 limit.
  • Bugfix – Kingdom offices can now be set when the current holder is offline.
  • Bugfix – Non-citizens or allies with appropriate permissions now get the faster timers when moving and loading items on a deed on Freedom.
  • Bugfix – Fire vulnerability power now correctly displayed in spell status window.
  • Bugfix – Damage imbues will now dispel properly.
  • Bugfix – Hedges will now show dye values.
  • Bugfix – Multi part items now have a correct chance of rarity when starting with rare components.