Challenge skill increases, Siege Barrier fix

Some changes to the Challenge server:

  • The light shafts have been modified to show approx thirty minutes before the central or perimeter spawns.
  • The Spike Barrier is now notake and may only be created and finished on ground and hence not dropped in mid combat.
  • Removed some impopular items from the central spawn.
  • Rubble can no longer be bashed.
  • New accounts start with 21 in all skills instead of 20 in order to allow for riding and wall bashing. The skill values of old accounts have been raised to 21 if they were lower.

Improvements to Challenge

  • Approx once per hour on the Challenge server, the village tokens now spawn rock shards and an iron lump of moderate quality level. Since the current map lacks those vital resources in most places this was deemed require .
  • The central spawn rates have been tweaked since it was a bit too much in some cases
  • Sleep bonus has been awarded on the other servers due to the extensive downtime during release
  • Graphics and sounds have been added to the most important spawns on Challenge. The initial problem where they caused lag is also fixed.
  • New players are now recommended to use the Far bases when selecting Challenge->Storm on the login server.
  • The Storm server twitter account has been activated at
  • Finally a note regarding Unique creatures and Artifacts on Challenge: Some Uniques exist, and Artifacts have spawned.

Tile type changes

  • All tree tiles are now of the new type.
  • Lightning Karma Spell damage was toned down for many items.
  • Fix for missing plant options on mycelium.
  • Fix for Nature menu showing Plant Flowers when using thatch/mixed grass on dirt.

Planting options

  • Spelling/Grammar fixes in Village Info screen.
  • Grammar fix: “followers now have the attention”.
  • Added new action so can plant sprouts in center and naturally.
  • Moved nature actions for trees to be under nature. Also redone the grass and dirt ones.


  • Fix for item piles sometimes not visible when having lod on.
  • Added GATHER, SHEAR, PLANT and PLANT_CENTER (for keybinds).
  • Fix for Array out of bounds crash.