Dominance winners

The Dominance Challenge round ended this wednesday and we are happy to announce the winners of this round:

Most overall points
Title “Master/Mistress of The Challenge”
Gold Challenge Statue
Face Mask of The Challenge
Most items looted from resource points
Title “Pit Slayer”
Bronze Challenge Statue
Horned Helmet of Gold
Most Battle Points
Winner: MIRAAK
Title “Blood Ravager”
Silver Challenge Statue, Ravager Face Mask
Most Unique player kills
Title “Shadow Assassin”
Marble Challenge Statue
Face Mask of the Shadow
Player who conquers most pillars first in a HOTA round
Title “Guardian of the Hunt”
Bronze Challenge Statue
Plumed Helm of The Hunt
Player who found and opened most treasure chests
Title “Selfie”
Silver Challenge Statue, Pale Face Mask
First Tortoise Shield
Winner: ORDECC
Marble Challenge Statue
First Gold Ore Mined
Marble Challenge Statue
Winning Kingdom
Winner: Jenn-Kellon
Random 25% of the Cavaliers receive a Cavalier Helmet
The winners will be contacted via email soon with instructions on how to retrieve the prizes. Please allow some longer time for us to sort the Cavalier Helmet because of the amount of emails.
We will ask for feedback and do some changes for the next Challenge Round before announcing it.

Boat transfers and hauling

  • Fixed bug where Select bar and Target bar did not remember if it was toggled on or off when logging in
  • Fixed bug in crafting interface with duplication of menu list in certain circumstances
  • Fixed bug where toolbelt arrangements did not save correctly
  • You now haul heavy things up and down multi storey buildings using a rope. You need to be positioned at floor openings.
  • Sailing across server borders should now position you better (not on mountains) when there is a difference in size.

New Challenge up and running!

We’ve just released the next Challenge – Dominance! You can play there as premium for free for the next two weeks, trying out Wurms full loot PvP environment and creation possibilities. Focus is on kingdom versus kingdom battles with nice prizes in various categories.

More details are in our forums here:


Shield Bashing tweak

  • Shield bashing should now work better. It is harder to bash heavier and fat creatures and defender body control also increases difficulty.
  • Dodging is now easier when you weight less and have less body fat.
  • Archery damage is now a bit more random.