BC gain increase

  • BC and archery gain downward tweaks were substantially reverted and BC gain was increased overall
  • Light of Fo now heals same kingdom and allies unless you are enemies for some other reason
  • Mission rulers were removed because they were used as griefing tools almost exclusively

Priest updates and Decorative items!

First of all, we’re really happy to announce new furniture going live!

Secondly, we are putting these priest changes in today so we can get some much needed live feedback that we may react to before the weekend. Below is a list of changes to priests in no specific order or possibly as they were implemented. As most of you are aware there has been a feedback thread going in the forum regarding these changes.

  • The damage of Fireheart was increased. It now has 30 seconds cooldown.
  • Light of Fo now has a 2 minute cooldown
  • Pain Rain now has a 2 minute cooldown
  • Scorn of Libila now has a 2 minute cooldown
  • Tentacles now has a 2 minute cooldown
  • Fungus Trap, Tentacles, Fire Pillar and Ice Pillar now deal double damage
  • Hellstrength now has 30 seconds cooldown
  • Oakshell now has 30 seconds cooldown
  • Rotting Gut now has 30 seconds cooldown
  • Shard of Ice now has 30 seconds cooldown
  • Smite now has 30 seconds cooldown
  • The difficulty of Smite was lowered to 70 from 90
  • Tornado has a 2 minute cooldown
  • Tornado may now stun victims for 5 seconds
  • Weakness now has 30 seconds cooldown
  • Willowspine now has 30 seconds cooldown
  • Wormbrains now has 30 seconds cooldown
  • Shard of Ice, Rotting Gut and Fireheart now deals more damage
  • The damage effects of hitting limbs, heads and eyes were tweaked down a bit
  • All priests may now use archery without penalty except in heavy armour. Light and no armour gives bonuses.
  • Your most solid piece of armour now limits your ability to cast combat spells and perform archery
  • Taming is now allowed for all priests and kingdoms as well but limited to corrupted animals for Libila and non-corrupted for the other.
  • Lockpicking is now allowed for all priests.
  • All priests may now cast Locate Soul
  • All priests may now cast Nolocate
  • You now receive a severe (-10) Combat Rating penalty against other players when leading more than 1 creature
  • Magranon priest death protection (at 70+ faith and 35+ favor) now works like a free res stone at above 70 faith and 35 favor but does not stack: You have 50% chance of retaining your items.
  • Magranon priests may use Chain armour without penalty at 70+ faith and 35+ favor


What was implemented but never posted was a change to how the Magranon “res stone” ability works. It used to stack with Res stones which as some people have calculated created a required kill ratio of 2:1 in order to gain loot from those priests. This is not a good situation from our perspective and we felt we had to change it. We have given Magranon priests the ability to wear chain instead without penalty to archery or spell casting. Hopefully this is acceptable even for Magranon priests.


Thirdly, here are some other patches!

  • Uniques now bash better in caves
  • Fix so when sleep bonus runs out, it auto-freezes it
  • The quality calculation for bulk items has been changed
  • Added the mycelium growth stage to the examine message
  • Tweaked body control skillgain for archery down
  • Fix for village foundation screen when using a deed stake
  • Removed settlement size restriction when founding using a deed stake
  • Updated legendary digging title