Wall fix

  • Fixed an issue were some walls were created wrongly resulting in players being unable to remove them.
  • Global PMs are now on as default when you create a new character.

Magical walls fix

  • Prevent people from getting trapped inside magical walls due to teleport lag by blocking casts when a player is on an adjacent tile
  • Prevented some overpowered spell combos from occurring for player made deities
  • Made only premium accounts count when it comes to deciding player made deity favored kingdoms

Tosiek spell list fix

  • The bug where Tosiek spells never were properly generated was fixed. The list is randomly generated per player deity and new spells will be revealed as priests gain faith enough to use them. We let the requirement to join his religion stay at negative alignment since it is possible to attain even on Freedom servers.

New Elevation Map

Because of the negative feedback on the first image of the new Elevation server, we have generated a new map. The feedback is positive this time, so this is what we’ll go for!

You can check the new map out at


Elevation has been shut down and we’re on schedule for Wednesday the 15th for the releasing the new map! We’ll update the map tomorrow with starter towns and other locations on it.

New Deity!

  • There’s a new deity in Wurm – Tosiek has ascended and became the first player  in the game to found his own religion! There are people converting already. Some quirks still remain and converting is a bit of a gamble.
  • Some initial issues with alignment related to the new religion were fixed in this update.