Rare coin rewards, Xanadu Ore redistribution!

  • There is now a chance that certain actions yield a bonus rare coin if there is money left in the pool. The SELL function at traders and tokens, slaying creatures (domestic animals such as horses have double chance), and finding stuff when Botanizing or Foraging are the current ones. This should make for better and more fun money distribution.
  • Friday Update: Coins now lose rarity when they enter the banking system via for instance tokens or traders. Coin rewards were tweaked down a bit for creatures.
  • Undiscovered Ore has been redistributed on Xanadu. The regions are now a lot smaller.
  • Creature cap on Xanadu increased
  • The message when a trader receives funds has been removed

Lavender bugfix, Xanadu traders

  • A bug with lavender bushes was fixed
  • Money distribution to traders on Xanadu has been tweaked with (downwards) due to severe criticism. Note that due to severe deficit in the pool of money which negated the SELL option in the beginning, 40 gold coins were added during the first weeks which will now be retracted over time. These measures should help stabilize the economy quite a bit.

Goodbye Affliction, Hello Affliction!

  • The new Affliction map is live! You can find the old map dump at http://ehome003.game.wurmonline.com/images/
  • Due to bugged tiles caused by trees growing we had to revert the other maps to a version that was backed up about 6 hours ago. We are sorry that some of you were negatively affected and we try to mitigate that by adding sleep bonus next restart.
  • The new plain wall types should be live now.

Less than 24 hours to new Affliction map

The People of the Horde of the Summoned have discovered more suitable islands to settle on. Tomorrow during standard maintenance time (11 AM CET) we wipe the Affliction server and launch a new 64 square kilometers map. All structures and items will be deleted unless they are in the bank or in your inventory. All HOTS players will be put at the starter deed. Players from other kingdoms will end up wherever they logged out.

We’ve generated a very open map with lots of water and places to settle. There is little to no mycelium yet but it will start spreading as you settle in.

Below you can find a small preview of the lands. Enjoy!

New affliction

A view over the new island region

Tree growth bugfix

  • A bug where trees did not regrow properly was fixed
  • Fix for Wild Growth
  • Fix for trees dieing when just above water level
  • Fixed a bug with mycelium trees turning into grass when you chop them down