Mailbox fix

  • The mailbox issue has been sorted with this update. Will now show rarity and enchants on items waiting
  • We have started to tweak Xanadu economy in order to provide better money distribution
  • Inactivated the two volcanoes on Chaos due to the perceived imbalance of metal spawning
  • Added description to tabard
  • Fix for stamina drain when setting a trap
  • Fix for length check of new passwords
  • Updated the description for stone chisels so does not include the work steel

Various summer fixes

  • Fix for mail message being early
  • Moved Pour into a sub menu
  • Fix for /ignore not returning ignore list correctly + Possible fix for un-ignoring x-servers
  • Moved Throw to a submenu
  • Moved DROP to submenu
  • The terraforming village permissions now also controls dredging
  • Fix for gates not knowing they were in a settlement when the settlement was shrunk

Added message on login for any mail waiting

  • Fixed bug that stopped building chain fences in structures
  • Moved Destroy to a submenu in an attempt to stop accidental clicking on it
  • Added a Destroy option for buildings that only have plans (e.g. no walls)
  • Added in a message when you login that show if you have any mail waiting
  • Potential fix for mailing to an old deleted account
  • Reduced cost of sending inscribed papyrus to a mere one iron (Penny black!) in an attempt to promote sending letters
  • Moved ‘UNLOCK’ to a submenu