Wall turning!

  • You can now turn walls!
  • Vynora is now properly set as Ally to Fo on the Valrei map and should stop generating missions.
  • Demigods on Valrei have been balanced. They spawned too strong initially and the code has been changed.
  • Removed ability for animals to be lead by using a mooring rope (it was letting multiple animals to be lead by the same mooring rope)

New walls!

  • The new wall types are live: Timber Jetty, Timber Balcony, Wooden Wide Window, Wooden Canopy Door, Plain Stone Oriel, Decorated Stone Oriel. Enjoy!
  • 27 Cavalier Helmets were sent out to the 25% random Cavaliers of the winning Jenn-Kellon kingdom on the last Challenge round.
  • The poll for an Elevation Map reset has been finished, with the result of Yes [172 (68%)] versus  No [78 (31%)]. Total Players Voted: 250. Like the poll clearly stated, this is not binding in any way. This is a very drastical change for those involved with investments in time and land and we will not take any immediate action or decision based on this but make a statement next week instead. Even if we don’t reset the map, we will keep doing more tweaks and improvements to how Epic works in the following weeks.
  • Rumours have it that Vynora is focusing on some sort of research and will no longer partake in Valrei Missions like before. Vynora followers are expected to do Fo missions instead.
  • Fix for minedoor permissions not working correctly
  • Fix so cutting grass under bushes will work
  • Some changes to the Elevation depot spawn with more variation

Mine door fix

  • Fixed managing mine doors loosing people added when check boxes used
  • Fix so GATHER keybind will not work on mycelium trees
  • Fix so cannot GATHER on Mycelium
  • Epic cluster server web stats bugfix
  • Epic home server missions bugfix

Some changes to Epic

In order to invigorate the Epic cluster we decided to make some fairly obvious  improvements as discussed in the forums.

  • Various changes to Epic missions like removing sacrifice domestic creatures missions, tweaking numbers required and modifying based on item difficulty.
  • Merged Epic numbers in who lists as well as stats pages
  • Made local list premium only on Epic as a sort of spy prevention (already was implemented on Chaos)
  • Wand of the Seas should now properly (only) work in deep water
  • Flattened some areas in the Elevation HOTA zone. It looks pretty ugly right now but is hopefully an improvement.
  • Added a depot spawning a few interesting items once per day in Central Elevation HOTA. First spawn in about 24 hours. A very limited version of the Challenge depots.
  • Added random treasure chests containing a couple of potentially interesting items on Elevation (toned down version of Challenge chests). Max 20 may exist at one time.
  • Changed some creatures on Elevation to use new combat system, for instance Trolls, Deathcrawler and Brown Bear.

Dominance winners

The Dominance Challenge round ended this wednesday and we are happy to announce the winners of this round:

Most overall points
Title “Master/Mistress of The Challenge”
Gold Challenge Statue
Face Mask of The Challenge
Most items looted from resource points
Title “Pit Slayer”
Bronze Challenge Statue
Horned Helmet of Gold
Most Battle Points
Winner: MIRAAK
Title “Blood Ravager”
Silver Challenge Statue, Ravager Face Mask
Most Unique player kills
Title “Shadow Assassin”
Marble Challenge Statue
Face Mask of the Shadow
Player who conquers most pillars first in a HOTA round
Title “Guardian of the Hunt”
Bronze Challenge Statue
Plumed Helm of The Hunt
Player who found and opened most treasure chests
Title “Selfie”
Silver Challenge Statue, Pale Face Mask
First Tortoise Shield
Winner: ORDECC
Marble Challenge Statue
First Gold Ore Mined
Marble Challenge Statue
Winning Kingdom
Winner: Jenn-Kellon
Random 25% of the Cavaliers receive a Cavalier Helmet
The winners will be contacted via email soon with instructions on how to retrieve the prizes. Please allow some longer time for us to sort the Cavalier Helmet because of the amount of emails.
We will ask for feedback and do some changes for the next Challenge Round before announcing it.