Patch notes 22/JUN/17


  • Can use keybinds FLATTEN or LEVEL on tile borders resulting in the raising or lowering of the tile border.
  • Less random slopes when mining forward,  depending on skill level.
    • skill less than 50, +-3 (current)
    • skill = 50, variance is +-2
    • skill = 70, variance is +-1
    • skill = 90+ no variance
  • Tile corners are now available on bridges.
  • Champion changes
    • Kingdoms will no longer require the player god to favour them in order to ascend a champion
    • Each kingdom may have one champion per god, with a maximum of three champions
  • Courier and dark messenger no longer have cooldowns
  • Genesis now has a cooldown of 30 seconds


  • Bugfix:  Creatures without bodies should play a proper death animation before being deleted.
  • Bugfix: Strange devices courier casts can now be improved while in the correct spirits domain
  • Bugfix: Fixed the bug that caused the pave option to show on packed dirt with floor boards, resulting in a gravel tile.

Hotfix 17/JUN/17

  • Bugfix: The issue causing underground fence gates and doors to lose locks has been identified and fixed. All underground houses and fence gates that were locked prior to yesterdays update will again be locked, but permissions will need to be recreated. Unfortunately to address this bug all new underground houses and fence built since yesterdays update will lose their locks. PLEASE ensure to re-lock any doors or fences built underground in the past day.
  • Bugfix: Bridges can now be properly built from underground dwellings (addressing walls too weak message).
  • Bugfix: Reinforced walls now have flat visual on high cave detail

WSA: PvP ban and cave dwelling locks

WARNING: Due to an unexpected bug, all locks on CAVE HOUSES and CAVE GATES have vanished. Replacing them are the current recommended action while the issue is being sought out. Anyone caught taking anything they would not be able to before will be punished harshly. Secure your items!

Effective until further notice there is a Full PVP Ban in effect.

*Recommendation – Replace your lost locks even while this situation is under investigation.

**Anyone caught taking items they would not have been able to before without needing to bash or lock pick their way in will be punished severely while this directive is active.

We thank you for your understanding and patience.

The Wurm team.

Patch Notes 16/JUN/17

Bridges 2.0

  • Bridges can now be planned and built inside caves.
  • Pottery, slate, sandstone, rendered and rounded stone bridges can now be built.
  • Minimum height from water level has been reduced to 1 dirt above water.
  • You can now pave bridges to match your roads by preparing them with mortar then paving them as you would a normal surface tile.
    • This does not apply to rope or wooden bridges

Other changes and additions:

  • The weight of an almanac has been reduced to .25 weight empty
  • Cooking times have been tweaked so that they are a bit faster than the previous patch.  Lag will be monitored with this setting.
  • When shearing sheep, the wool will now go directly into inventory instead of on the ground.
  • Spawn of Uttacha will now have more unique combat features on the Epic cluster.

Client Changes:

  • New combat log will colour code messages according to your relationship with the subjects.
  • The colours may be set by using the text colour options in the client settings.
  • (Unstable)New player texture compression has been added to improve performance in large gatherings.

Bug Fixes:

  • Bugfix:  Fixed the issue with not being able to improve metal mine doors when lump quality and skill should have allowed improvement.
  • Bugfix:  You can now dig near pavement without having to remove and replace it again.
  • Bugfix:  Restricted prospecting on reinforced floors.
  • Bugfix: You should no longer be able to surface mine next to bridge entrances/exits.
  • Bugfix: Contents from decayed Easter Eggs will have the same last owner as the egg itself.
  • Bugfix: Disembarking on a bridge should no longer make you stuck.
  • Bugfix:  Erupt ability should again work on sandstone and other veins.


WSA: Rarity and cooking affinities poll.

With the introduction of affinities being gained from foods in 1.3 it was added that rarity of ingredients, cookers and utensils  would change the end result affinity as well as boost timer length.

This has been raised several times as a point of contention, and while removing it is possible, it would upset those who have used rare+ parts to find the affinities they do like and want.

With the new calculation system, we had thought we removed the affinity calculations taking rarity into account, but unfortunately this is not possible without affecting those on the old system as well.

As such, we are launching an ingame poll to determine whether to remove the rarity effect changing affinity results.

If we remove rarity affecting the results all affinities found from rare+ parts will be the same as affinities found with common parts for BOTH systems.

PLEASE NOTE: Rare+ ingredients, utensils, and cookers would still boost affinity timer length compared to non rare components, they just would not change the resulting affinity.

We understand that this could lead to losses, which is why we are using a poll to gather your input on the matter.

The poll will last for 7 days, until around 17:00 Server time (UTC+1) on the 19th of June.


The Wurm Team

Patch Notes 8/JUN/17

  • Clearing crops that have turned to weeds will now return one seed.
  • Bugfix: Possible fix for the ‘stuck’ mine issues and invisible items.
  • Bugfix: Blessed lamps should stop consuming fuel when planted on the new pavement types in mines.