Hotfix: 2/JAN/17

  • An issue that has been causing server lag and player disconnections upon crossing servers recently has been identified and addressed. We will continue to monitor for any instances of this happening.

Hotfix: 24/DEC/16

  • You should no longer be able to remove internal components (thermos, food shelves) using merchants nor by throwing them.
  • Mail cost on items with internal components has been corrected.
  • Items with internal components should no longer prevent moving a parent container.
  • Restart required to address creatures not moving while in combat.


Happy Holidays!

Hotfix: 23/DEC/16

  • Hotfix:  Nature menu should now again be present on grass tiles with an item activated.
  • Hotfix: No more burning Christmas presents If you burnt yours, please log a support ticket.

Patch notes 23/DEC/16

Merry Christmas from Wurm Online!

  • Santa is now at all starter towns with gifts for premium players!
  • The Julbord has also been restocked with extremely nutritious food (now fills CCFP!) and is available at the starter towns.
  • Premium players can also find their gift by checking a Christmas tree.
  • Christmas will last until the 31st of December, at 12:00 (noon) Server time (UTC+1).
  • Another container has been added, more info will be available later.

Bug Fixes:

  • Bugfix:  Fixed a bug which prevented the loading of an unfinished boat onto a ship transporter after the last update.
  • Bugfix:  Fixed a few issues for gathering snowballs. More can now be collected from long grass tiles, and snowballs can be collected on lawn tiles.
  • Bugfix:  Food traveling across servers should no longer lose their affinity upon server restarts.
  • Bugfix:  Another fix for a few bugged recipes involving biscuits.
  • Bugfix:  Fix for fireworks not launching.

Client Changes

New Keybinds have been added:

  • COLLECT = gather snow

Patch Notes 20/DEC/16

Changes and Features

  • Removed rare liquid output from the distilling process.  However, the rarity of the still itself will still affect output quality.
  • Bell Towers are now be secured and also loaded.
  • Loading non-empty ships onto transporter will now adjust body strength requirement in comparison to total weight.
  • Bulk items will not be able to be moved while inside a ship loaded on a ship transporter.
  • Epic: Body stamina stats have been adjusted to reflect potential gains from mining and digging based on current skills.
  • Hand actions will no longer take the rarity of the item activated into affinity calculations.
  • Tin and lead sheets have been added, but have no use, yet…

Bug Fixes

  • Bugfix:  More fixes for various spelling and text errors.
  • Bugfix:  Fix for ‘No Parent’ error when dragging from a pile into a bulk bin.
  • Bugfix:  Possible fix for mine ceilings reverting to lowered (correct) position after a server restart.
  • Bugfix:  Beverages split into smaller containers will no longer lose the affinity information.
  • Bugfix:  Removed ‘taste’ from non-food items.  Taste will still be available for all liquids however.
  • Bugfix:  Fixed NPE crash when watcher has an item open while it’s being sealed by another.
  • Bugfix:  Honey now heats up properly and can be used in cooking again.
  • Bugfix:  Messages added for harvest examines on pine trees, rose trellis, hops trellis and hazelnut bushes.
  • Bugfix: Fixes for a few more recipes which were not giving correct lore, not completing sub recipes or product output was missing text.