Patch Notes 17/FEB/17

Wide tunnel entrances

  • Tunnel entrances can be up to 3 tiles wide.
  • To widen a tunnel entrance, the tile you mine must only be connected to ONE open tunnel only.
  • Mine doors cannot be placed on tunnel entrances that are 2 or more tiles wide.

Alchemist Cupboard

  • Created with Fine carpentry.
  • Contains 10 2kg liquid containers.
  • Slows decay on contents.

Storage unit

  • Created using Carpentry.
  • Has 3 racks which can hold large items like fishing rods, and saddles.
  • Does not slow decay.


Unicorn Improvements

  • Gold and silver horse shoes can now be created with Jewellery smithing
  • Unicorns can now be equipped with saddles, bridles and gold/silver horse shoes
  • Body strength of unicorns has been boosted to 30 (horses are 20 and hell horses are 35)
  • This means that unicorns may also be hitched, but unhitch when no longer tame

Bug Fixes

  • Bugfix: Fix to disable teleporting if artifacts are equipped.
  • Bugfix: Various grammar and spelling fixes.
  • Bugfix: An issue with picking up items on deeds and within buildings with the proper settings has been fixed.
  • Bugfix: Wand of the Seas will now correctly form an island when used.
  • Bugfix: Lava spawned with the Wand of the Seas is no longer permanent and will turn back to rock.


Art Update

Art update details can be found here