Mystical abilities and sorcery

With the Summer Update, we introduced a mystical powers system to the game. It’s currently only possible to use on the Epic cluster, but we’re thinking of ways to bring it to the Freedom cluster in due course.

We’ve produced this mini-FAQ style introduction as we know a lot of players are interested in becoming sorcerers on the Epic servers, and in future on the Freedom servers.

We’ve tried to strike a balance here between not giving everything away so people can learn for themselves what specific spells are out there. In that sense, there won’t be too many spoilers here. That said, we wanted to make sure everyone knows how to become a sorcerer and what the pros and cons of doing so are.

If you have any further questions / concerns please email Ross -at- and I will edit this post to include any important general concerns I may have missed.

What is ‘sorcery’?

Sorcery in Wurm is simply a player’s ability to learn ‘mystical powers’ (read: magic spells) using special items awarded by the gods on the completion of Valrei scenarios. These spells can be casted using a jewelled staff, and use karma as fuel for doing so.

How do I become a sorcerer?

Becoming a sorcerer, wizard, mage, archmage, planeswalker etc. in Wurm is difficult, but we have made it so that virtually anyone on the epic cluster has the chance to become one if they make a real effort. The only thing you are required to do is contribute towards as many scenario missions as you can.

At the end of every Valrei scenario, there is a lottery amongst those who scored many scenario points in that particular instance. The winner is awarded a certain Valrei reward item. Some reward items allow you to cast a particularly powerful spell only once. Others will allow you to learn a certain spell permanently, and these have three uses meaning each reward item can produce three players with that spell. Note that each reward item teaches its own spell; you do not choose which spell to learn, or which reward item you receive.

How many spells are there to learn and what do they do?

At the moment, there are around 17 spells which can be learned / used from Valrei reward items. Many spells are focussed on combat, including area of attack spells, specific magical attacks, temporary player buff spells, and personal healing spells. There are also spells which allow you to summon new mystical creatures to help you in combat. Others allow you to dramatically modify terrain, build temporary magic structures like walls made of fire, and also to change the weather on your server. Some spells are slightly different for male and female characters in name and to some extent substance, but they are all equally powerful.

Are there any limits to the number of spells one single player can learn?

There is no limit to the number of spells that players can learn, aside from all 17ish of them. The only limit comes in the time and effort required to successfully and with luck gain access to one of each of the reward items from which you can learn a particular spell.

What are the benefits?

While ‘sorcerer’ is just one rank in the wider mystical powers system, overall the major benefit to learning magic spells is your ability to use those spells in situations where you see fit. In addition, each spell learned gives players a permanent and constant bonus resistance to a certain type of attack from fire to acid, piercing, bite damage and most other conceivable types of injury. Players who learn many spells will have damage resistance to many kinds of injury, though this may be offset by accompanying vulnerabilities (see below).

What are the penalties?

Each spell learned also gives players a permanent and constant increased vulnerability to certain types of injury. This increased vulnerability is different in each spell from the bonus resistance benefit given by the same spell. That is to say, spell x might give you bonus resistance to cold damage, but added sensitivity to acid damage, while spell y might give you bonus resistance to fire damage but added sensitivity to cold damage. Vulnerabilities are stronger than resistances, so they are not cancelled out by them. Instead vulnerabilities are made weaker by resistances, but not completely removed.

What skills does sorcery use?

You do not need to learn any new skills to become a sorcerer. However, sorcerers with higher mind and soul stats tend to have a more powerful command over their own minds and the source, and so are more likely to cast slightly more effective spells.

Does becoming a sorcerer limit my character like being a priest?

Sorcery does not limit your ability to do other things, become a priest or continue being a priest. The only real limitation that learning spells brings is in the form of permanent extra vulnerability to certain kinds of damage.

Can I choose to give up being a sorcerer?

At the moment, the very simple answer to that question is no. All spells learned, along with associated vulnerabilities, benefits and title are all permanent.